Sunday, December 25, 2005

Disaster Remembrance Week

Hi all! First, i wish you and your families have a wonderful Christmas. Strangely, although I never celebrated Christmas as a religious holiday, just kinda freeloaded off my friends and never got to see santa. Sad innit:?!

Anyway, i hope that you are having fun holidays and are getting ready for the jump into 2006.

Now, If we look back into retrospect and try to understand what this year has brought for us, each of us will have a different thought, some may share thoughts and those who don't have any thoughts are probably busy planning someone else's thoughts.

As you all know, the world over has suffered tremendous loss, damage and destruction with the help of Katrina, the tsunami and just recently the quake in Pakistan and neighboring countries. The important thing is to move on, learn from the loss and create mechanisms that allow for less loss of life in the future. Look at the Japanese. They get hit by approximately 800 earthquakes a year. Incidentally, the quake in Pakistan has caused about 2000 tremors and quakes since Oct 8th, but thats cause the plates are still in motion.

A friend of mine has a theory that Mother Nature is pissed off and, well, i'm sure you could all imagine the ramifications of that, if you believe it. I don't have an opinion, I think the things that have happened this year and even in the last five years have happened out of human control but are the cause of our negligent living and thoughtless decisions made towards improving our own lives. We can get into that another time, just remember to be kind to people around you, you never know who you will bump into and what they have suffered from.

Have a wonderful holiday season everyone and try to be a little naughty, I think santa has got a kinky side too ;)

P.S. Please visit this blog and spread the word for Remembering and honoring the victims of 2005 Disasters and those who have given up their lives trying to save others.
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