Monday, October 31, 2005

Who is to blame for or them?

It is now day four since I started working on my new project. This camp is really something else. Let me first explain the dynamics of the setup itself, how the population continues to increase daily and we do not have either the manpower or the resources to support the camp, but we will keep trying to do what we can with what little we do have. God give us strength - *God hands Zohare a redbull, "Drink Redbull, it gives you wingsss!"

This place is a mess. We don’t have enough supplies to provide for the numbers of people that keep rolling in because we never know how many to expect each day. its really difficult and then containing those already there, reassuring them they will get pots, pans, tents, blankets, quilts, medical attention, food, bathrooms, water, security....the list just doesn't stop.

Every night it is the same routine. We have to be so careful when we bring in supplies. Other pvt. Groups come in and they presume to know all about what needs to be done. They insist our system sucks, whereas we can't get it functional because every time we try, someone else comes and screws it up by coming between and stopping progress. Pvt. Groups need to work together; they treat it like it’s a damn competition. relief takes time and these people don't even need as much attention as we give them because our energy would be better spent climbing mountains to get supplies to people who have not yet been reached, over wasting time arguing with these useless journalists and reporters who believe in breaking the system to make it work.

We are stupid that we spend so much time there with these people, building relationships, asking questions, noting down demographic data, establishing a background and history. All I tell them is let's put our effort together and funnel the work so it gets distributed evenly. We have 3000 people at this camp and we cannot deem it reasonable for a small truck to bring in supplies enough for 100 people. The givers will give and those who take, most likely those who have already gotten more than double their share, will take more. When the givers leave, then we have to tell the people who were unable to get, why they did not and what makes them less deserving and why they should have to wait longer. I must be crazy, but I honestly do NOT thing it is reasonable to bring just enough for less than 1/30 of the population, then distribute it in front of everyone.

My suggestion is, if anyone would listen, that we complete our demographic survey - detailed - which everyone of these interrupting assholes thinks they do mentally just as good as we do on paper - and then work with us to provide all the right things we tell them that the people need, based on what they tell us themselves. Our efforts would be funneled and streamlined through one, thorough source, ensuring everyone gets what they need. We just need a couple of uninterrupted days to complete the data and then the people in the camp will be happy and so will the donating groups!

They want to show such excitement about helping, they should go up to the valleys and villages that are inaccessible. That is a system that sucks! That is a system that needs crazy help, not us. We just need patience, cooperation, civility and supplies.

On another note, people around me are so in awe of the fact that many Kashmiris come to Pakistan saying they are in "Pakistan" as though it is an entirely different country! I don't understand why Pakistanis are so God Damn NAIVE! For 50 Years we have cried "BLOODY MURDER BLOODY MURDER, KASHMIR KASHMIR!!!" What the hell have we done for the people of Kashmir. By people, I don't mean the pigs who are ministers and senators and other politician bastards, but the actual people who live atop a high mountain, the people who have to walk 45 minutes down a 50 degree angle to get groceries from the closest market, then walk back up with the shit on their shoulders! When they needed us, we didn't do shit for them and now we expect them to be greatful for what we do for them? NO! We owe much more to them than this entire relief campaign will provide! If we wanted Kashmir so damn bad, Pakistan would have the people's support. Pakistan would have given priority to the women, children and men over the land.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Village Data & Updates

Relief inforamtion System for Earthquake in Pakistan (Rise-Pak) is a website which provides and gathers Demographic, Disaster, Access, and Assistance data and maps on all Earthquake Affected Villages to Help Coordinate Relief Efforts. Thier web address is

Please visit this website for any information related to affected areas. If you have any information to submit, please feel free to fill in the form and submit it. All the relavent information is available on their website.

On another note, I have officially taken another project on my plate as of today. Me and a few friends, the ones i initially got started on this whole relief thing with, have taken ownership of a tent camp that has been setup right on Murree road. All the residents there are coming in mainly from Kashmir. It is a mess and our job will be to clean up the mess, create an organized system and hand it over to some others who can then maintain and manage it (hopefully!). This camp is located on Murree Road enroute to Barakoh. It is about 1 Kilometer short of the Barakoh entrance (main bazaar).

If anyone wants to volunteer, we need the help! contact me (+92-333-528-9108) and we can see how you can lend your services to us and at least help this small group of about 3000 people. The average increase in refugees is about 20-30 people per day. We have officially done a census and I have compiled an excel spreadsheet of all the residents. It is in its final stages and then we will commence registering people electronically instead of on paper, to ensure it does NOT get misplaced.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I got tents

Hush...found lots of tents in three sizes

All sizes are in feet and they are made of canvas

1. 12x15 - sleeps 8-10 people - Rs. 3500
2. 15x18 - sleeps 12-16 people - Rs. 5000
3. 15x21 - sleeps 20-26 people - Rs. 6000

contact me if you need any. I can have them made and delivered in two days time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

More Money, More Solutions!

With the help of an independent group of students here from Dubai, I will be helping organize a series of fundraising concerts at Al Hamra III (located in Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore). We are looking to raise as much money as possible so our output will be at a minimum and our input at max. We would appreciate any help with publicity, sponsorship and any other assistance.

If anyone is able to and is interested in helping, please call me @ +92-333-528-9108 or Arsalan @ +92-321-405-0432 for more information.

Just like the rugby match, we hope that this will be a success, an even bigger one if possible, considering the cause. Many people trust us with the intentions of making sure the money and awareness is put to good use. We hope that you too can confide in us as we have many aspirations for the unfortunate victims of this travesty.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nilofer urges immediate food supplies for children

Advisor to prime minister for women development, Nilofer Bakhtyar, has appealed to provide children food in relief camps set up in quake hit areas. In a statement released in Islamabad, Nilofer appealed for urgent supply of children food, milk and pampers. Those interested in supplying these items may coordinate this effort by contacting her at 9202435.

Source: Geo TV

Wiring Instructions -If you want to donate

Wiring Instructions from USA, England and the rest of Europe ($,£ and €)

Please Fedwire US Dollars ($) _________________________(amount) to

Habib American Bank,
99 Madison Avenue New York,
10016-7419, USA

Favoring Union Bank limited a/c No. 2072-9508 for onward credit
To Zohare Haider
Maintaining A/c No. 5801-172877-050
with Union Bank Limited, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.



Please Fedwire Pound Sterling (£)
_________________________(amount) to

National Westminister Bank,
25 Old Broad Street ,London

Favoring Union Bank Limited A/C No. 440004461894 for onward credit
To Zohare Haider
Maintaining A/c No. 5801-172877-050
with Union Bank Limited, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.



Please Fedwire Euro (€)
_________________________(amount) to

Dresdner Bank Ag,
Frankfurt, Germany.

Favoring Union Bank Limited Karachi Pakistan, A/C No. 812774811 for onward credit to beneficiary Zohare Haider
Maintaining A/c No. 5801-172877-050
with Union Bank Limited, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad.


The truth is frustrated and the facts are faded

I just received an email from someone who wanted to know the truth involved in a msg they received. This email will remain anonymous for the sake of privacy, but from what I remember when I was up there, this email paints a very accurate and appropriate picture.

I do have my reservations about what was said regarding P.I.M.S. as I have been going there quite frequently during the first few days after the victims started pouring in and I think that for its capacity, the community is doing quite well for its medical facilities. Many people have been kind enough to setup local satellite hospitals to take the load off major hospitals such as P.I.M.S. to help recovering patients etc. Although I had a positive angle about that, I am not a doctor and the gentleman who wrote this email is so he would certainly have a better understanding of the scenario.

I did imagine things to be this chaotic and the beureaucats in their high chairs need to put their jeans on and some duct tape on their incessent lips and go do some real work instead of yapping on tv like celebrities.

**Also please note I HAVE TENTS COMING IN, SO IF YOU NEED TO DISTRIBUTE OR KNOW OF PEOPLE WHO ARE, KINDLY CONTACT ME FOR FURTHER ARRANGEMENTS. These are canvas tents 12x15 feet tents and are 3300 rps a piece. If you need them in larger numbers, let me know and I can arrange for them to be made and delivered to Islamabad.**

I have just returned to Rawalpindi from Garhi Dupatta in Azad Kashmir. To be honest, I have not read any of the previous correspondence on this site -it is too painful to get involved in the petty nonsense that some people are involved in and the "holier than thou" Quranic Jargon that is being thrown in each other’s faces. If this offends someone, then so be it. I think that is important to know what is going on up there and what can be done to truly help.

THE SITUATION IN ISLAMABAD: First of all, with each passing day, hundreds are dying. I was invited to work at PIMS, so I spent a few hours there on Monday. There appears to be no sense of urgency there. To me, it seemed like just another day at a government hospital. Loads of patients in the hallways. Dozens of school kids in uniform running around, medical students involved in heavy duty poondi, junior resident level doctors sitting around in their respective offices, no attendants in sight and absolutely nothing being accomplished. There was one wound being debrided in the operating room. The CEO (or equivalent thereof) asked me to relax and rest for a couple of days! The chief of surgery happened to drop by for a meeting. I offered my services and he was quite offended by my remarks that not much appeared to be going on. I was told that in the preceding 8 days, they had placed 12 chest tubes and had performed 1 splenectomy. He was proud of their achievement. Tens of thousands dead, uncountable others injured - quite an achievement indeed. The ICU had nine patients in it. Nine. On our insistence, they agreed to send us to Mansehra.

MANSEHRA: Drove to Mansehra. The destruction becomes evident past Abbottabad. You can see the images on TV. The smell of death however has to be experienced. The government degree college in Mansehra is now a makeshift hospital. 2nd year med-students were dealing with infected open fractures, using diclofenac as pain medication. I spoke with the Swiss orthopedic surgeon running the outfit. He offered us positions as floor nurses. Literally. When I insisted that we had much more to offer, he quite impolitely asked us to leave. Balakot is about two hours from Mansehra. There is no building left standing. There are hundreds still decaying in the open. After dark, every vehicle is looted by the desperate locals. It is hell on earth. We chose not to stay.

MUZAFFARABAD: We received an offer by PIMA (Pak Islamic Medical Assoc) to man their field hospital in M'abad. I reached there Tuesday morning. The roads are extremely tenuous. There is a sea of tents of various outfits from all over the country. These are manned by a variety of people, from house officers and medical students, to high school kids. No attendants. Thousands of Indians and no chief. The hospital needed a surgeon. There is not a single qualified surgeon in the whole city. Not one. No buildings are standing. There no clean water and little electricity. Cell phones do not work. We kept moving on.

GARHI DUPATTA: I finally rendezvoused with the group from George Washington University that I had originally planned to go with. They had reached there a few hours before we did. I helped set up the field hospital. Check the map. This place is 20 miles from the LOC. It is the farthest medical facility out there. First contact point. Over the next four days, we saw about 1500 patients. We set up a two table OR and various examination stations. The major abdominal/thoracic injuries are now dead. What we saw were heavily infected wounds. Open fractures. Gross osteo. I lost count of the number of the number of guillotine amputations needed. Florid tetanus. Meningitis. Sepsis. Pelvic fractures. Numerous paraplegics and quads. People with jelly for spines. Brain exuding from open skull fractures. Ruptured bladders with urinomas in the thigh. The fascinating thing is that these people were still alive this far out. Natural selection, I guess. The fittest survive. With two surgeons, including myself, one anesthesiologist and numerous internists, cardiologists and pulmonologists, we were still busy from0600tomidnight. The army arrived the day after we did and set up a helipad and a unit next to us. We were able to evacuate about 40-50 patients each day after stabilizing them. Unfortunately, I knew what awaited them in Islamabad. We were choppered out today. We have left a fully functioning hospital to some docs from DOW. They'll be there until next week. Then a surgeon will arrive from New Jersey. Teams from Canada, Belgium and Australia have since arrived and setup in-patient facilities proximal to our hospital. Again, family practitioners, but no surgeons. We were able to send some relatively stable patients there, so as to avoid flooding Islamabad.

ASSIGNINGCREDIT/POINTING FINGERS: The US choppers are flying nonstop. Hats off to them. No nonsense. Efficient. Courteous. They flew over us to distal points, dropped some supplies, returned the remaining to be stored at Garhi Dupatta and evacuated our most critical patients out. This went on during all daylight hours. The Agha Khan foundation has acquired Swiss helicopters and was also working in a similar fashion. No evacuations, however. The Pakistani army is another story, unfortunately. There were about 300 soldiers twiddling their thumbs as we struggling to get something done. In my view, they should have been sending out teams with tents and supplies to find the countless up in the mountains that are unable to make it down. Instead, there are grand plans to make tent cities, where people are expected to come down and settle. Nuts. Every patient had the same story. Two or three kids dead. Parents dead. Siblings dead. A wife and a couple of kids injured, but still alive and lying in the open. They had to make the choice - bring the child that they thought would survive. The average trek was four days one-way.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Don't just send money to random sites. There is enough there already that needs to be distributed. Send Tents to specific people that you know will distribute them to the people still up there. Tents. Tents. Tents. Did I mention that they need tents? Clothes are a-plenty. They just need to be distributed. Once again, they need to reach the people who will wear them. The best thing you can do, however is go yourself. Find a week or ten days. Go to Garhi Dupatta. Rough it out. Do some wound care. Deliver a few babies. Treat some infections. Just do it. Do it now. The contact person is Farzad Anjum. He is a cardiac surgeon at GW. Find him on the web. He'll point you in the right direction. If tickets are in issue, tell me. I'll give the contact for the Disaster Relief Network. They'll pay for airline tickets and incidentals. Sponsors are out there. What they need is your time and effort. Once I have caught up with my sleep, I'll give you more details. I the mean time, please cut out the Bulls**t lecturing and verse quoting and buy a ticket to Pakistan. Time is running out.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Our rights being infringed?

If you support blog awareness and are adament about how blogs are a tremendous well of information for the world, lacking the red-tape media suffers from, then:


You can now subscribe to this blog. Fill in your email addy below the flikr badge and every update will be sent to that address. This way you can focus when you come across a post that interests you and you wont miss a post.


Shelter Vendors - Pakistan

For those of you still searching tent vendors in Pakistan:

Tents available in Lahore

4X4 mtrs
Inner: Double fly, single Fold
Centre Height 2mtrs
Wall Height 90 mtrs
Outer : Single fold
Canvas/ Drill
With poles and accessories
Wedding sheet
Water ,wind and Snow proof
Ground sheet (polyprop)

Price: USD 170/each (winter tents, with Wedding sheet)

USD 150/each (without wedding sheet.)

Our manufacturing unit is based in Lahore, Pakistan and we have been engaged in tent manufacturing for the last 30 years. We have already pledged a huge percentage of our production to the relief victims.

Please contact 92-300-8464690 (Mr. Ikram) or +92-300-8499126 (Junaid) for further details about stock available. We have a capacity of producing 340 tents a day. As our contribution to relief work going on we are producing all of our tents just to cover the cost of production.
Or go to this Shelter link for a more comprehensive list

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Today was one hell of a great day for the IRFC (Islamabad Rugby and Football Club), who hosted an excellent Charity Rugby game today. There were a total of 44 players out there. There were three main teams that played in the 10's (10 players per team) and the 7's (7 players in each team) The 10's were with the senior players who either play for IRFC or were volunteer fellow rugby players from the British High Commission, Islamabad. A total of 6 games were played, three with the 10's and 2 with the 7's. The 7's were comprised of highschool students who are the young rugby enthusiasts of Islamabad.

We had a turnout of about 1000 people today, which is a LOT, considering rugby is not a very popular sport in Isloo just yet, not as compared to compared to cricket and golf, but it certainly is growing tremendously fast. We sold about 3000 tickets, all of which will go towards charity proceeds and after having spent the evening counting the cash, we estimate approximately Pak Rs. 400,000 from ticket, t-shirt and wristband sales, among other donations.

We had Yahya Bhatti at the mic as the main comentator, who managed to rile up quite a storm with the crowd. Many people who came were either seeing a rugby game for the first time or knew very little about it so it was also a very good eye opener for folks. I was selling t-shirts and wristbands along with other general announcements and we had a great group of coordinators who helped organize the event and maintain sanity amongst the more involved organizing committee.

All in all it was a great event and you can see some pictures from today in my flikr album, just scroll down the blog a wee bit and you will see the flikr bar, click "what's this" and then click my name. Enjoy!

For crying out loud!

This is an email I sent out to all the folks I know abroad who I am hoping will extend a helping hand in some way or the other. It is sort of a plea and also an explanation of what we have done and plan to do.

Dear Everyone,

I hope this email finds you all in the best of health and spirits. Unfortunately, this is not an email bearing good news, but it does carry positive opportunities depending upon your reaction.

As you all may be aware, Pakistan suffered a devastating earthquake just a week and a half ago (Saturday October 8th, 2005 - 9:52 AM) which lasted 6 minutes, and those 6 minutes have cost many unfortunate people their lives, their homes, their families and many other things that are / were meaningful.

An estimated 60,000 people are dead and the death toll is expected to exceed 100,000 by weeks end as many of the unreachable, yet affected areas are now slowly being opened up thanks to the machinery available to the army. Millions, literally millions, are homeless and have suffered tremendous losses.

A few major towns, such as Balakot, Bagh and Batagram, are near 100% devastation, with nearly majority of the people either dead or severely injured in these regions.

I have been working very closely to these areas with some friends who all got together Sunday, 1 day after the earthquake, at a friends house to figure out how we could help out. At that time, some 10,000 people were already believed to possibly be dead. That day, within about 6 hours, we were able to collect about 2 million rupees in cash donations, along with about 15 million rupees worth of goods and supplies in the form of food, shelter, clothing and blankets that we filled up about 10 large lorry / trucks with and took with us in a 13 vehicle convoy to two areas in the vicinity of Mansehra. The two towns we provided relief to were Balakot (2 km from the epicenter) and Garri Habibullah. Both these areas are very badly affected, the former is almost non-existent. I have attached a few pictures of the various things we have seen and continue to see as long as we have the strength and ability to keep on helping in any way.

Some of the pictures of the apartment show Margalla towers, the apartment building that collapsed in Islamabad. The portion you see in the distance that is standing lost three sections on its left, right and front that collapsed straight down. Another picture with many people over the narrow passage is the way out of Balakot, the masses of people coming n and going out. This is barely a fraction of what it really is like.

Since that Sunday, my friends and I, most of whom are with the Islamabad Rugby Football Club, have been thinking and constantly reinventing ways of continuing our contributions. We are hosting a Charity Rugby Match next Sunday in F-10/4 (for those of you in Islamabad) and tickets are Rs. 100/- only and are going towards either the Presidents Fund, Edhi Charity or Private NGO's or groups such as ours. If interested in buying, please contact Andre at +92-333-5656-555.

We have devised a long term strategy also, where we will be collecting funds and putting them into an account so that we can target certain specific villages that are very remote and help them rebuild their villages. We have corroborated our efforts with various groups that are doing what they do best and providing us with information that helps us do what we do best. We are coordinating a lot of relief efforts, providing information on what is going on in what town/village/city and what is needed. It is very arduous and challenging, but when you know you are helping people who are homeless and almost happier dead, you feel very satisfied and look forward to doing more.

We are working with groups such as NRSP, RSPN, Quake Scouts among others that are private such as ours. We do not wish for any publicity, other than what others can do to help us do what we need to do. We can be identified as the Relief Youth Group Islamabad (RYGI) and will appreciate any help that can be sent to Pakistan. We are in dire need of shelter in the form of tents. We are trying to find ways to help grow our network so that communication of needs are better between private groups.

I have a blog where I am trying to regularly post information, updates and pictures of the affected regions so that people may have a good idea of what is going on from a first person's perspective (i.e. me). You can visit it, get any information and use it as a portal to reach other informative websites such as South Asia Quake Help among others. Http://

If you are wondering how you can help, donations are always the quickest and easiest way of helping. For those who have PAYPAL accounts, you can donate directly through my blog - there is a PAYPAL donate logo on the left half way below the menu. Just click it and enter the amount you wish to donate. As for sending things this way or organizing things to be sent, we need waterproof and insulated tents mostly. If interested, contact me and I will provide you with a comprehensive list of things that are needed most. Otherwise, there are long-term plans that we are devising and are underway for redeveloping of the affected areas. Please remember, this is not an invitation for contractors to cash in on our devastation.

Most of the people affected live in the northern areas, which are now beginning to get very cold due to weather changes in the last few days. It snowed just two days ago and rained heavily with hailstorms occurring often. The weather is beginning to make the rescue and relief effort very difficult, but thinking of the conditions the people are in who need help keep us going.

If you would like to help, feel free to email me or call and we can arrange something. If any of you know Bob Geldof and can get me to talk to him about arranging some high-level awareness campaign that can go hand in hand with MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY, that would be outstanding!

We realize that this is not a 1 month issue, this will take a lot of time to get people back on their own feet, but the bottom line is to help them to help themselves - make them self-sufficient and not dependent on aid. If we raise enough awareness globally, we may be able to organize the rescue effort more effectively and efficiently.

Sending things from the US - Donations

Just wanted to bring to everyone's attention - an FYI if you will:

If you are interested or are in the process of organizing donations to be sent to Pakistan for the relief effort, please keep in mind a few things.
Firstly, you have to obtain an NOC from the Pakistan Consulate in New York or the Embassy in D.C.
Contact info:

Embassy in Washington D.C.

3517 International Court, NW Washington DC 20008
phone: 202-243-6500

New York Consulate

12 East, 65th Street, New, York NY-10021
Telephone: 212-879-5800, 212-517-7541
Fax: 212-517-6987



1. Mr Haroon Shaukat is the Consul General and heads the New York Consulate. 212-472-4339

2. Mr Syed Muhammad Fawad Sher is the Vice Consul and assists Mr Shaukat. 212-472-4345

Los Angeles Consulate

Consulate General of Pakistan,

10850 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1250,
Los Angeles, CA 90024.

Consular Timings: For submission of documents: Monday-Thursday: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Friday: Submission of documents: 09:30 a.m. to 12:00

For Pick up (Monday-Friday): 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


1. Mr. Noor Muhammad Jadmani is the Consul General and heads the Los Angeles Consulate. (310) 446-6695
2. Mr. Ahmad Farooq, Vice Consul. (310) 441-5145

For Consular queries: (310) 441-5114, (310) 441-0167, (310) 446-0091 & (310) 446-0092
FAX: (310)-441-9256

Trade Division

Mr. Shahid Ashraf Tarar, Commercial Counsellor. (310) 474-6861
Fax (310) 474-4871

Second, there is a priority with which PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) will be sending donations via air shipment to Pakistan:
Blankets/sleeping bags

PIA can be contacted in NY at 212-760-8484.

If you would like to send things to our group, you can do so tax free and without any hassles via Friends of P.I.M.S. (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences) - a community run NGO providing relief to the Hospital normally and to earthquake affectees during these harsh times.

Please email me for details on how to donate to this group or to have supplies sent. If you want to send things, you can address them to me and put Care of Friends of P.I.M.S. under my name then my address:

Earthquake Relief Goods for
Zohare Haider
C/O Friends of P.I.M.S.
House #18 Gomal Road,
Sector E-7
Islamabad, Pakistan
+92-51-227-9300 (Home)
+92-333-528-9108 (Cell)

Pls. keep the donations coming...

Thursday, October 20, 2005

UN Indicates a second wave that may be too late

From the Quakehelp Blog...

scathing report of the poor response of the major donors so far to the Asia earthquake.

A few snippets from the report:

Jan Egeland said of the aid sent so far: "This is not enough. We have never had this kind of logistical nightmare ever. We thought the tsunami was the worst we could get. This is worse." [...]

The UN children's agency, Unicef, has warned that a further 10,000 children could die if relief efforts are not boosted.


Mr Annan's chief aid co-ordinator in Islamabad, Andrew McLeod, told the BBC the world had failed to understand the severity of the situation. "We have one of the best organised relief operations going here, and we are just not getting the funding. If the second wave of deaths hit, it's the major donors that are going to have to look at themselves in the mirror and ask why."

Flikr Fotos

There is a flikr badge now so you can see photos I have taken in a proper album. They should be near the google adbar. Enjoy

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


There was another tremor just ten minutes ago (5:48 P.M.) so that makes three just today, or two if one doesn't count the one in the morning as a tremor, rather as an earthquake -- due to its length, intensity and persistence.

I was talking to a friend today who told me that apparently there is talk of some predictions some 40 years ago, in the 60's and 70's that they said there would be a series of devastating earthquakes forty years from their time (round about now) in this general region of Pakistan.

Incidently, Turkey is also expecting some serious earthshakin' type scenarios in 2006 -- for which they have been reinforcing their older apartment buildings and tall skyrises for some time now.

One thought they were safe on the ground as opposed to on the road or air, but apparently mother nature can make your life miserable anywhere, as long as you are on earth.

You can run but not very far...


I would like to take a moment and thank the first international donor who has given very generously towards the relief. Ayla Malik, your contribution will go a long way believe me.

Paypal donations are working so if you have an account, don't wait for the perfect moment, this is it!!

Everyone, if you give 1 cent each, there are enough of us in the world to make that number into a very big number so don't be miser, be open hearted and give as much as you can, whatever you can -- any amount will add up tremendously so don't be shy either.

Then give some more to make yourself feel good about helping someone who doesn't have that nice watch you wear, or the choice of a green or red salad for dinner. You get the picture...

Nortel Humor

A little humor for you folks:

McDonald's to Begin Accepting Nortel Shares

The last 18 months have been tumultuous for high-tech giant Nortel: the cutting of its global workforce by more than half from 96,000 to 47,000, the abrupt departure of its CEO, massive quarterly losses in the billions, and a severe drop in share prices, to name but a few. However, the company might be turning the tables with its new effort to bolster investor confidence.

It's like that Petro-Points thing at Petro Canada where after 40,000 litres of gas you can get like a lighter, or a bottle of water or something...."
-Nortel Vice-President of Grilling and Deep Frying Isabelle Egad

Yesterday, the company announced a partnership deal with McDonald's Restaurants of Canada, in which shareholders will be able to purchase discounted meals in exchange for cashing in their Nortel shares.

As of May 1, participating McDonald's restaurants will be accepting 100 shares of the company's stock in exchange for a 50 per cent discount on a Big Mac or McChicken combination meal, complete with medium fries and beverage, according to Nortel Vice-President of Grilling and Deep Frying Isabelle Egad.

Nortel shareholders will be able to 'super-size' their meals for an additional 50 shares, according to Egad.

As Nortel's stock price dropped from a high of $125 in July 2000 to 1/8th of one cent (Cdn.) at the close of markets yesterday, many frustrated Nortel investors have pointed accusatory fingers at the company's management, blaming them for the free fall in the stock's value. Shareholder activist Frank McMorgan of Bathurst, New Brunswick has been a vocal critic of the company in recent months, but he expressed guarded optimism with the announcement.

A Nortel investor cashes his portfolio in for a Quarter-Pounder combo at a Toronto-area McDonald's yesterday.

"A drunk donkey could do just as well," added the professor as he threw darts at a board in his office while enjoying a Chicken McNugget meal, which cost him only 300 shares in the company.

A spokesperson for McDonald's indicated that the company will be using all of the Nortel share certificates collected during the promotion to wrap Big Mac burgers, and will not, contrary to rumours simply be chucking them in the garbage. "It's a great cross-promotion," said the spokesperson of the new Nortel-themed burgers. "Not only do we save on costs, but Nortel gets some free adertising out of it as well."

The company spokesperson also indicated that McDonald's of Canada is in similar discussions with Ottawa-based tech companies JDS Uniphase and Corel.

Read complete article and readers comments ( worth the browse!)

Update Wednesday

Nortel is giving in a big way

Big tremor this morning, lasting nearly a minute. Shook us out of our senses. Work has been cancelled. We have had a total of two tremors within 1 hour of each other today. I am curious as to what the remainder of the day holds in store for us.

On another note, tent searching must begin so please if anyone has any resources or ideas, LET US KNOW!!!!!! We need waterproof, large / medium tents in bulk.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


UNHCR has made it official:

For tent buying, I took the liberty of finding websites that sell and ship tents in the US and maybe even abroad.


Bizrate Camping Gear

Camping Gear Outlet



Donations and Fundraising

A group that is working in conjunction with us by the name of Quake Scouts is going to be organizing some musical events / concerts in Lahore in the coming weeks. All their earnings will be going towards aid for the earthquake victims. Please keep your eyes open as it is a very big responsibility and they are trying to do a tremendous job to raise money. Help out in any way, buy tickets, sell tickets, help organize or spread the word! We need more musicians for pro-bono concerts!

On another note, the IRFC (Islamabad Rugby Football Club) is organizing a Charity Rugby match in the F-10/4 Rugby Ground, opposite Khurshid Market Islamabad. Tickets are only Rs. 100/- and you have the option of selecting where the proceeds go. Edhi, Presidents Fund or Private NGO's such as ours (registered or unregistered).

We have plenty of tickets to sell. For those of you thinking, why the hell should I go to a rugby match or why should I spend any money on a Rugby match, well, you are a) not investing in the game, but the cause and b) if you have never been, you don't know what you are missing!!!

I repeat, it is a charity match and the game is just an alibi to take your money from you and give it to someone else who needs it a lot right now.

Please help out as much as you can. Every little bit helps. When they all add up, they go a long way!

Islamabad Update

Injured persons are pouring into Islamabad Hospitals mainly from Kashmir. There are currently 450 unattended children in the city from Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The government is setting up four camps in Islamabad. RSPN is directly supplying to these camps – tents are urgently needed!

Visit RSPN's website for more info:


For those of you in the United States that wish to donate and don't know how, I have taken the liberty of adding a PAYPAL donate option for those who have paypal accounts. It is easy, fast and very secure.

Please donate because it has started snowing, tremors refuse to cease and these people are beginning to feel like their country doesn't care about them. We need your support to show them we have the means to help them become self-sufficient again.

Their most dire need right now is shelter and tents are the most viable option right now. Private organizations such as ours are trying their level best to order and distribute as many tents as possible. It is difficult and trying but if we don't do it for our countries future, then who will?!?!

Please donate and donate generously!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Affected Areas Map

Med Resolution available now. Hi-res coming soon via VAM Pakistan.

Very crucial to relief effort - Thanks South Asia Quake Help

Check out the source of this image!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Kohala Bridge - Down one mountain - Up another


Misty Valley on the way down to Kohala

This guy reversed into two trucks and his brakes failed and he got stuck at this odd angle - all because he was in a rush to overtake vehicles on a single lane road.

A look at the condition of trucks - major cause of tremendous road blocks

Farming at even greater heights

A transport vehicle fell over the road because he was in a rush to get somewhere.

All the tiny shiny things are houses - or were...

Farming at great heights

We are pretty high up here

Shani made a friend


Army finally decides to come - We drove by this exact same spot about 5 hours before and there wasn't a soul to be seen for miles.

Crossing past Bagh, relief setups and tents for homeless.

Crack in the grass closer to Dirkot

look at how beautiful this place is - fresh water flowing. Sad really...

Boulder on the road - it was huge!

Not sure where I took this.

Bottle is for contrast - .5 litre bottle

Crack in the road - almost 2 feet across. This was on the way back from my farm managers village up in the mountains of Sutan Gali. They have nothing left up there.

Still in Sutan Gali

More damage in Sutan Gali

Parked for life - Roof collapsed over cars

More rubble in Bagh

On the bridge - At night - Alone!

The Narrowest bridge in the world - made of wooden planks and i drove my jeep over that!

First bit of rubble - enroute to Damni

From Rawalakot to Dirkot

I made an emergency trip yesterday with Ali, Mehmud, Shani and Xin to the following cities and a lot happened, but I will let photographs do most of the talking as I am exhausted. I will provide a detailed account shortly.
-Sutan Gali

Most of the damage was in Bagh obviously, but from all the locations I have visited, Balakot was by far the worst still.
Looting is still a problem but i found the solution to the problem and also why it is a problem. Not very complicated at all, really. People are hungry, cold and desperate for help. Many of them live at great heights and it is very difficult for them to get from place to place hoping help will find them. They choose to find help and if help passes them by aiming for a more populated place, they stop help and make help give them what they need. Helpers need to stop and let the masses of people on the sides of the road know what relief workers are doing to help them all. They need to make them understand that these trucks of relief are for whoever can get it, but at the same time there will be other trucks. They need to tell them that and mean it. I come back with data on towns that are affected tremendously and I know that Army choppers cant go there because the land is too hilly or too small.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

My two travel mates Ali and Agha. We were the first of any relief group to enter Balakot.

Burying the dead

1 House down, none to go

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

a fraction of what happened at Balakot

Masses of ppl trying to cross mountaneous road into balakot

Last standing block ripped from the fallen portion

last standing building in block of 4 from margalla road

Trapped on last standing building of four (3 of which fell)

Fire truck crane evac

Evac side

side used for primary evac

Hordes of people

Side Angle of collapsed tower.

Building left of collapsed section. Look at stairs

Side View of Margalla Towers

Earthquake info blogs

Hey everyone, the following is a list of blogs providing information on the earthquake and other disasters. Since I am in the face of it daily with friends who are collecting, distributing and so forth, we will provide some updates on my blog with whats going on and the reality of the disaster.

First off, i would like to say that the military has been tremendously slow in responding. TV and the news papers are bsing you when they say they have done alot. They are more concerned with border security from indias side than with saving the lives of people they are supposed to be protecting...or is it the land? i forget. Anyway, the predicament is ironic simultaneously. that has me confused again.

here are the sites and keep reading:

Shake, Rattle ‘n’ Roll

7.6 on the Richter scale and an entire apartment building reduced to rubble and dust within seconds. Since I’m sure you all know Pakistan has suffered a terrible tragedy with a very unhappy fault line just 80 km north of Islamabad. The earthquake has claimed approximately 25,000 lives so far and that number continues to grow daily with more bodies being uncovered, sickness, disease etc. There is a lot going on here that is very difficult to get down but I will try to put as much as possible.

The last three days have been very challenging for me and some of my closest friends here who have all gotten together and begun a private relief effort. The first day we received so much support in donations ranging from food to clothing and cash that we were able to deploy 10 trucks along with myself to visit a town in the north called Balakot. This town was inaccessible because an avalanche had closed the road and there was only one road to this place. We have accomplished quite a bit but slowly our priorities are changing. In a couple of day’s time we will visit some remote, untouched villages to see what we can do to help them. We are all trying many things simultaneously and with the help of one another, we will help at least some of these people get their lives back in order by rebuilding villages, supplying food, water and medicine, among other things.

Anyway, today was a long day, didn’t sleep at all yesterday for about 30 hours and its catching up with me so I'm signing off, but do expect a better detailed post soon about what we are doing and how you can help if you are interested.

Friday, October 7, 2005

Medical Phenomena

The Industry has been looking for a generic name for Viagra. After consideration by a team of government experts, it recently announced the generic name of Mycoxafloppin.

Also considered were Mycoxafailin, Mydixadrupin, Mydixarizin, Mydixadud, Dixafix and, of course, Ibepokin.

Pfizer Inc recently indicated that Viagra will soon be available in liquid form and be marketed by Pepsi Cola as a power beverage suitable for use as a mixer. Pepsi's ad campaign claims it will now be possible for a man to literally pour himself a stiff one.

Obviously we can no longer call this a soft drink. This additive gives new meaning to the names of cocktails, highballs and just a good old fashioned stiff drink.

Pepsi will market the new concoction by the name of Mount & Do!

Let the moon through

Ramzan Mubarak to all. Although my religious convictions suggest I do not adhere to Islamic traditions, but unfortunately, that is not true.

I am fasting, without praying. People in my office find that slightly odd and daring that I can openly declare I am not a steadfast Muslim because I fast but do not pray. They see no sense in that.

I think the more moderate Muslim, the more moderate and open minded individuals will see that fasting is not to prove to God that you hear his call, but to recognize how fortunate we are to be able to afford luxuries and comforts that most other people in the world cannot. It is to appreciate what we do have and to remember that there are others who do not have.

Our duty during this time, more important than being a religious fanatic, is to feed those who are less fortunate – that is something we are compelled to do as individuals.

Remember, those who cannot afford to break their fast at sundown are not all able to do so with a sweet khajoor (date) or a cold glass of rooh-afzha with some pakoras and chutney. Instead, they may barely have a slice of plain cake that costs about 10 Rps.

Do what a good person would do, help others, do not judge one another and criticize. God does not see you as a better person if you do. It is his job to categorize us. Let’s just concentrate on being good to one another instead of analyzing who is better than whom and who is a good Muslim and who isn’t. The more important approach is who to remind to help others and who needs the reminder nudge to be a good person is all. That too very discreetly…

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Can I be a judge too, puhleeeez?

Georgie Dub-ya Bush-whacker has nominated his long time counsel, Harriet Miers, to be a life-time judge on the panel of Supreme Court judges in the U.S.

>>On a side note, she is one old lady. A song comes to mind…”who you gonna call? Ghost busters!” <<

How the hell do you make a woman who has been attached to your hip for donkey’s years a judge in the Supreme Court? How you gon do that dawg? If anyone doesn’t have any basic history on this woman, a few things should light up the spark plugs in your heads:

  1. She is mad old!

  2. She is to Bush what Monica was to Clinton (he pulled a Prince Charles on us guys!)

  3. She has never once, not once in her miserable life, been a judge – except a beauty pageant, which was well out of context I’d imagine.

  4. Her face is falling off! AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES HOW OLD SHE IS??? But keeping in mind how old the other folks are, that would make Ms. / Mrs. Miers the youngest damn judge on the panel.

  5. She will add “diversity” because she will be one of two whole women in the panel of judges.

Good God! She is inexperienced, has a track record of bush-o-rama and…well, there isn’t a third thing to add there.

I think that all the things bush has done since he came into office are the reason he won by that 1.5 percent margin (barely a win really) this past election, and the reason his daughter or someone among his next of kin, will be the next one to go pick a fight with a history that they do not understand, nor do they care too.

Bush suffers from what I would like to now begin calling, G.I. Joe Syndrome. He is an all-American tough guy who wears a beret for a little while, carries a gun bigger than him, over his shoulder, and has a boyfriend named Sally and a girlfriend named Roger.

I really feel like since Bush-o-nomics have been in effect, the global economy was apparently turning towards the US, but apparently China did something funky to screw up that balance and now the board is in favor of the Asian market. Thank God they are our friends, eh.

I'm tired of this, it’s the same thing all the time, just a different person involved. Bush is always at the helm of all things pathetic and we all know that. Un-fu*$&%@-believable.

Monday, October 3, 2005

Feed me

Looking for feedback

Reflections - Carlsberg

Me n Bill Owens - CEO of Nortel

take out the old, make room for the new

Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen...the civic is gone. Today i anticipate the arrival of my new beauty queen, the Optra LS.

I hope its as good on the outside as it is on the inside once owned and not just in the showroom.

Sunday, October 2, 2005

oooooooogaboooooooooga part I

yeah! its that time again. anyway, short one., read mu-mu's last post about scotch the cat. mentions me n tigger! yay!

had a nice evening with some close friends. made lots and lots of amazing food. missed the girl everyone's talkin about...yeah you know the one in RI. mad luv to ya!

im tipsy so later.

more reads

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