Saturday, October 15, 2005

From Rawalakot to Dirkot

I made an emergency trip yesterday with Ali, Mehmud, Shani and Xin to the following cities and a lot happened, but I will let photographs do most of the talking as I am exhausted. I will provide a detailed account shortly.
-Sutan Gali

Most of the damage was in Bagh obviously, but from all the locations I have visited, Balakot was by far the worst still.
Looting is still a problem but i found the solution to the problem and also why it is a problem. Not very complicated at all, really. People are hungry, cold and desperate for help. Many of them live at great heights and it is very difficult for them to get from place to place hoping help will find them. They choose to find help and if help passes them by aiming for a more populated place, they stop help and make help give them what they need. Helpers need to stop and let the masses of people on the sides of the road know what relief workers are doing to help them all. They need to make them understand that these trucks of relief are for whoever can get it, but at the same time there will be other trucks. They need to tell them that and mean it. I come back with data on towns that are affected tremendously and I know that Army choppers cant go there because the land is too hilly or too small.
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