Sunday, October 23, 2005


Today was one hell of a great day for the IRFC (Islamabad Rugby and Football Club), who hosted an excellent Charity Rugby game today. There were a total of 44 players out there. There were three main teams that played in the 10's (10 players per team) and the 7's (7 players in each team) The 10's were with the senior players who either play for IRFC or were volunteer fellow rugby players from the British High Commission, Islamabad. A total of 6 games were played, three with the 10's and 2 with the 7's. The 7's were comprised of highschool students who are the young rugby enthusiasts of Islamabad.

We had a turnout of about 1000 people today, which is a LOT, considering rugby is not a very popular sport in Isloo just yet, not as compared to compared to cricket and golf, but it certainly is growing tremendously fast. We sold about 3000 tickets, all of which will go towards charity proceeds and after having spent the evening counting the cash, we estimate approximately Pak Rs. 400,000 from ticket, t-shirt and wristband sales, among other donations.

We had Yahya Bhatti at the mic as the main comentator, who managed to rile up quite a storm with the crowd. Many people who came were either seeing a rugby game for the first time or knew very little about it so it was also a very good eye opener for folks. I was selling t-shirts and wristbands along with other general announcements and we had a great group of coordinators who helped organize the event and maintain sanity amongst the more involved organizing committee.

All in all it was a great event and you can see some pictures from today in my flikr album, just scroll down the blog a wee bit and you will see the flikr bar, click "what's this" and then click my name. Enjoy!
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