Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Shake, Rattle ‘n’ Roll

7.6 on the Richter scale and an entire apartment building reduced to rubble and dust within seconds. Since I’m sure you all know Pakistan has suffered a terrible tragedy with a very unhappy fault line just 80 km north of Islamabad. The earthquake has claimed approximately 25,000 lives so far and that number continues to grow daily with more bodies being uncovered, sickness, disease etc. There is a lot going on here that is very difficult to get down but I will try to put as much as possible.

The last three days have been very challenging for me and some of my closest friends here who have all gotten together and begun a private relief effort. The first day we received so much support in donations ranging from food to clothing and cash that we were able to deploy 10 trucks along with myself to visit a town in the north called Balakot. This town was inaccessible because an avalanche had closed the road and there was only one road to this place. We have accomplished quite a bit but slowly our priorities are changing. In a couple of day’s time we will visit some remote, untouched villages to see what we can do to help them. We are all trying many things simultaneously and with the help of one another, we will help at least some of these people get their lives back in order by rebuilding villages, supplying food, water and medicine, among other things.

Anyway, today was a long day, didn’t sleep at all yesterday for about 30 hours and its catching up with me so I'm signing off, but do expect a better detailed post soon about what we are doing and how you can help if you are interested.
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