Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Donations and Fundraising

A group that is working in conjunction with us by the name of Quake Scouts is going to be organizing some musical events / concerts in Lahore in the coming weeks. All their earnings will be going towards aid for the earthquake victims. Please keep your eyes open as it is a very big responsibility and they are trying to do a tremendous job to raise money. Help out in any way, buy tickets, sell tickets, help organize or spread the word! We need more musicians for pro-bono concerts!

On another note, the IRFC (Islamabad Rugby Football Club) is organizing a Charity Rugby match in the F-10/4 Rugby Ground, opposite Khurshid Market Islamabad. Tickets are only Rs. 100/- and you have the option of selecting where the proceeds go. Edhi, Presidents Fund or Private NGO's such as ours (registered or unregistered).

We have plenty of tickets to sell. For those of you thinking, why the hell should I go to a rugby match or why should I spend any money on a Rugby match, well, you are a) not investing in the game, but the cause and b) if you have never been, you don't know what you are missing!!!

I repeat, it is a charity match and the game is just an alibi to take your money from you and give it to someone else who needs it a lot right now.

Please help out as much as you can. Every little bit helps. When they all add up, they go a long way!

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