Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Can I be a judge too, puhleeeez?

Georgie Dub-ya Bush-whacker has nominated his long time counsel, Harriet Miers, to be a life-time judge on the panel of Supreme Court judges in the U.S.

>>On a side note, she is one old lady. A song comes to mind…”who you gonna call? Ghost busters!” <<

How the hell do you make a woman who has been attached to your hip for donkey’s years a judge in the Supreme Court? How you gon do that dawg? If anyone doesn’t have any basic history on this woman, a few things should light up the spark plugs in your heads:

  1. She is mad old!

  2. She is to Bush what Monica was to Clinton (he pulled a Prince Charles on us guys!)

  3. She has never once, not once in her miserable life, been a judge – except a beauty pageant, which was well out of context I’d imagine.

  4. Her face is falling off! AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES HOW OLD SHE IS??? But keeping in mind how old the other folks are, that would make Ms. / Mrs. Miers the youngest damn judge on the panel.

  5. She will add “diversity” because she will be one of two whole women in the panel of judges.

Good God! She is inexperienced, has a track record of bush-o-rama and…well, there isn’t a third thing to add there.

I think that all the things bush has done since he came into office are the reason he won by that 1.5 percent margin (barely a win really) this past election, and the reason his daughter or someone among his next of kin, will be the next one to go pick a fight with a history that they do not understand, nor do they care too.

Bush suffers from what I would like to now begin calling, G.I. Joe Syndrome. He is an all-American tough guy who wears a beret for a little while, carries a gun bigger than him, over his shoulder, and has a boyfriend named Sally and a girlfriend named Roger.

I really feel like since Bush-o-nomics have been in effect, the global economy was apparently turning towards the US, but apparently China did something funky to screw up that balance and now the board is in favor of the Asian market. Thank God they are our friends, eh.

I'm tired of this, it’s the same thing all the time, just a different person involved. Bush is always at the helm of all things pathetic and we all know that. Un-fu*$&%@-believable.
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