Friday, October 7, 2005

Let the moon through

Ramzan Mubarak to all. Although my religious convictions suggest I do not adhere to Islamic traditions, but unfortunately, that is not true.

I am fasting, without praying. People in my office find that slightly odd and daring that I can openly declare I am not a steadfast Muslim because I fast but do not pray. They see no sense in that.

I think the more moderate Muslim, the more moderate and open minded individuals will see that fasting is not to prove to God that you hear his call, but to recognize how fortunate we are to be able to afford luxuries and comforts that most other people in the world cannot. It is to appreciate what we do have and to remember that there are others who do not have.

Our duty during this time, more important than being a religious fanatic, is to feed those who are less fortunate – that is something we are compelled to do as individuals.

Remember, those who cannot afford to break their fast at sundown are not all able to do so with a sweet khajoor (date) or a cold glass of rooh-afzha with some pakoras and chutney. Instead, they may barely have a slice of plain cake that costs about 10 Rps.

Do what a good person would do, help others, do not judge one another and criticize. God does not see you as a better person if you do. It is his job to categorize us. Let’s just concentrate on being good to one another instead of analyzing who is better than whom and who is a good Muslim and who isn’t. The more important approach is who to remind to help others and who needs the reminder nudge to be a good person is all. That too very discreetly…
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