Sunday, February 19, 2006

Bad ideas go to print - undone

It is a terrible predicament the Danes have gotten many other western countries dragged into. Unfortunately for many countries that did not endorse the printing act, they are now suffering.

Here is an idea for those of you who are keen upon rioting and protesting; in New York City, around the time of New Years (2005-2006), the Metropolitan Transit Authority (aka MTA) went on strike for various reasons, mostly pertaining to their livelihoods and their survival with increasing living expenses and stagnant salaries. They protested by staying home. Not a bad way to force your employer to give you sometime off work and have more to spend with the family. The point is that by spending time at home, they were protesting their dislikes towards their employers in a peaceful and harmless manner. Now the interesting part: MTA suffered extreme financial damage during the week or so that the MTA workers were on strike.
Now for all you number crunchers, here are some figures that might help you understand the devastation a peaceful strike / boycott may have: The 33,000 MTA workers that did not show up for work the first day cost the city of New York approximately $400 Million, that is 400,000,000 US Dollars just for the first day. The following two days cost approximately $300 Million per day in losses ranging from ticket sales to cancelled events and transportation congestion, overtime payment to workers and police officers. The pre-strike estimates suggested $1.6 Billion in loss to the city of New York.

Think about it hard, I am not suggesting you strike against your respective cities...for those of you who missed the point. I am merely suggesting that even a peaceful strike can have harsh repercussions, if not harsher than violent and destructive demonstrations. The latter only suggests that we are, in fact, as backwards and under-developed as the West may portray us in the media. Much of the damage Muslims incur today is essentially due to their own mistakes in the past that are now coming back. We have done much of this to ourselves. Why are European countries banding together, despite their differences in economics, politics and global affairs, just to mention a few? Simply because even disagreements between nations can also be solved by unifying resources. The EU is a strong entity today and the EURO is a strong currency today because they managed their policies and people jointly and for the greater good. Why do countries, such as Turkey, want to join the EU today? Because they delivered on their promise of becoming a unity which spreads better living standards and controls essential needs for people's survival such as security, foodstuff, employment (with the exception of Germany today).

Lesson is, protest peacefully, if you want to cause harm, don't crack your own skulls, and instead boycott Danish products in your country. Financial loss bears heavily on the target, more than aggression. Think about it, what is the difference between aggressors breaking and burning buildings in the streets and monkeys? There is a good chance the latter won't show such aggression upon themselves.

Going back to the issue, this has caused massive amounts of panic amongst the leaders of the Muslim world and now the OIC will convene and this will be a hot topic on their plate full of discussions. The last thing we need now is counter-productive measures of taking all the years of hard work done by countries to bring peace and betterment to developing countries and flushing them down the toilet, bring about a global religious war. Terrorism is already synonymous with Islam; the Danish newspaper certainly could not have been so ignorant as to not know the potential consequences of their irresponsible act. Now they will reap what they sew. I only hope that all parties involved directly will tread cautiously.

Lesson learnt: Don't put your finger in a pot unless you know how hot it is...
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