Friday, July 28, 2006

Back with a Bang!

Where have you been and why have you not called me for so very long?

Has it really been so long since I made a significant contribution to the blogger community? apparently, but this time i really do have a good excuse. If you followed allowing with my shit earlier in the year, you might remember the Acumen Fund being mentioned?

Well I was offered an opportunity to work with them in Karachi on a fantastic project which I will be very directly involved in. It's a secret at the moment so I won't be disclosing any details, but I will say this - if it works out, it will help more people than we can fathom in a place where this type of help has been tried in other forms and the success rate is kinda 50/50.

I am pretty excited about this and the fact that I get to travel a ton just like I did in the relief days up north. This time my target destination is the desert - Tharparkar

This place is outstanding and unbelievably intoxicating in a way that is undescribable in I'm attaching some snazzy shots to this post. Will be there again in a few days, this time for a longer and more detail oriented stay so if you wanna know about the next trip and how the Thari's are fairing with this nut lurking in their backyards like Mr. Green loves to do - with a more pathetic intention in mind, then stay tuned...

Pictures will follow in another post...for now, i must go shop!
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