Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Movin around

So a time comes in everyones life when they must pack their bags and head out, challenge the world and live independently.

I took a job with the Acumen Fund as a Portfolio analyst/consultant, working on projects that have a social impact, develop a sustainable business that is scalable, ultimately helping reduce poverty levels in Pakistan. My project is based in Tharparkar - the desert that no one knows about, talks about or even cares about. This is not a generalization, but more a realization and it reflects on the time that Pakistan and India seperated in 1947, during which time the people of Thar had no clue about the events happening because they were always so cut off.

Unilever, Pakistan, has done significant work in Thar - providing water accessibility to communities and other such facilities that help provide basic needs.

Anyway - so I have had an awesome time so far, although the hassle of moving in to a new place, setting it up and dealing with the bullshit of people you need to get very essential things done from and the amount of money involved from bribes to "added service costs" etc.

But lo and behold, finally I have moved in and am slowly settling down. I have had friends coming over a few times to help break in the place and so far it seems to be going well. The only real issue is that the building comprises of families and I am one of two bachelors living there. Decent as we may be (who the hell am I kidding), it is still difficult because you have to be conscious of noise levels etc. Your friends may not give a shit, and frankly they don't have to, but it all comes down to the resident.

Apparently there was talk that I had the "wrong kind of women" coming over...they are quite hilarious because the people complaining about this, i found out through a reliable source, are actually engaging in those lude acts and want a piece of what they believe I am getting. Unfortunately, sad as it may be, I am not interested in that because I have the best thing in the world with this chick (you know who you are you georgeous print maker you) and ain't nothin changing that.

I wonder now if anyone is actually even reading my blog. It is mostly my fault cause I never took the time to update for the longest period, but I'm trying to post every once in a while. You guys should check out the older posts like Dying Diety and such to get an idea of how philosophical I really tend to be.

Some pictures of my trip to Thar follow, along with the view from my apartment balcony.
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