Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Acumen Fund New York

Just having returned from a trip to NYC for an event of a lifetime celebrating Acumen's 5th Bday, I can assure you that jetlag is a bitch to get over.

The trip was pretty fantastic. Got to meet all the great people of AF that work so very hard day and night to get the world to be a better place to live in, especially for the poorer people who have such limited choices.

Spent way too much money while I was up there, I mean seriously...what was I thinking? Not really thinking then was I.

Anyway so I realized my posts are beginning to become slightly boring, even moreso than they used to be so I will have to spend sometime pondering over ways to revitalize the life of this damn blog.

The problem is that a day in my life I manage to see quite a bit of things happen and I want to capture them all, yet I get so awestruck that I never am able to recall the best of any of the things I want to share. I suppose a photoblog would be the next best option.

Attaching some pics from my visit to NY. Enyoy!
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