Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1 year Later & Return of the Retards

There was a time when I had started blogging some years ago, mostly because of the constricted sensation I suffered being back in Pakee-Stanee-Landee. Frankly, I loved being back, but was so anxious to see change for the better.

I moved around from place to place, city to city, job to job, industry to industry, corner to corner throughout the country desperately in search of something I wasn't quite sure of then. Well, to be quite honest, I had no clue what the hell I was even looking for after college. A lot of people graduate with some idea of where they are headed, even generally. Me, i was like that chick in clueless, except I knew i was clueless and that's probably where the adventure really started.

Some folks look back at their lives and consider all the things that have happened and take the breakups and the expulsions and the school yard fights and the speedy car wrecks as a bad thing they wish had never happened. I suppose I would consider myself an optimist...I look at them as opportunity.

Opportunity, if one can recognize it, comes not in a particular shape or package, but rather a juncture in your life perhaps when you least expect it. I graduated, hunted jobs like everyone else, thought about heading down to Ecuador to do some volunteer work (a 6 week program that would cost ME about $3,000 US), flew back to Pakistan (on PIA!!), got a job, worked, left it, went to the mountains to do some quake relief work, etc etc etc. Lots happened and then somewhere along the line I even got hitched, which is about the only concrete thing I am really happy about.

All the while, the President of Pakistan, Musharraf, did a few things and pissed some people off. Now all you read about is Nawaz did this so Zardari did that and then the occasional Let's get them judges back. I personally have not heard Mushi's name in the media as of recent other than some protestors and potential aggressors who want his head on a sheepskin platter. I don't really have an opinion about him or what he did, frankly I don't really see the point in wasting energy on it when, unlike many others, I only have a 24 hour day.

Wrapping this random post around, I suppose what I am attepting to profess is that even though some new roads popped up and new faces finally get their 15 minutes in the GOP, for the most part stuff really just stayed the same....wasteful and tiresome. PPP is out, PPP is in, PML is out, PML-N is in, PML is out, PML-Q is in. much can you divide things up? To the point there are half a person here and half a person there?

Arre bhai, stop preaching about who is good and who is bad. Lead by example if you are so bothered by it all or get another citizenship. Whether we like it or not, these are the cards we were dealt and if you look back, not a lot has really happened since 1947. Power has shifted hands, the army has popped in for 10 year long Hello's, Benazir saw a dreadful death, some dude with a fake moustache claiming to be her husband pretended to give his 18 year old son something really cool like a lordship title or chairmanship of some sort (I know what it is, but it doesn't really matter since he can't wave his magic stick until he kicks his dads ass), Nawaz came back thinking Zardari's a friend forever and then suddenly realized that he's only playing the fiddle, etc, etc, etc, etc..........

I think my tone, angle and approach to life has altered quite a bit since the early blogger days. I suppose I have had the advantage of realizing that you get 1 shot, 1 attempt, 1 try, 1 life, 1 power-up (for all you gamers, you!) to do as you will. After which time there is afterlife for those who believe and maybe something else for those who don't.

How will you spend the rest of your....wait, do you even know how many days you did get? tsk tsk...should have read the fine print more carefully. You don't really know how many, do you? That's because no one really knows for sure until the NASA guys figure out how to calculate the incalculable.

My dad always told me "accidents don't happen, they are caused". This relates to Murphy's law, "If something can go wrong, it will" and for those of you who are looking for trouble, you can stop wasting your time because all you're doing is looking for murphy. He only goes for the ones he wants and you are probably just not one of them. Be productive, get your mom a flower, dad a tie, brother a girlfriend and sister a handbag. Go out and try something you haven't, give good advice, don't impose and if you really want some exciting ideas, let me know and I can give you some ideas ;)

I will finish this not-s0-long-awaited-post by saying How Random and I'm Back! Again!
Stay Tuned
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