Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Too Early Still?

So, having returned from a fun evening at my friend's brothers wedding event, I managed to catch some waking hours with Soph and eventually hit the sack for a short nights sleep.

This morning I awoke, got my self dressed and made sure I looked sharp for my meeting and took off. I felt pretty good when I left home, but something must have happened when the sun hit me because not long after leaving home, I approached a round about where a large SUV was parked right in front. I stopped, looked right and put my foot on the gas the moment the SUV looked as though he was moving.


He wasn't and I was...now I have a four inch hole poked by a cast iron pecker protruding out of the SUV's rear. The guy who jumps out, obviously someone quite misunderstood, felt he needed to get up all in my face. Being sublime as I was, I asked for his forgiveness and told him he can only imagine what the rest of my day will be spent doing. He, on the other hand, required some coaxing before feeling like the bigger man for letting me go. Fortunately by the time the cop approached from the distance, the SUV guy made up his mind to let me off the 'hook' if you know what I mean. As he pulled off, the pecker pulled out and I was all exposed, or at least my poor car was.

Moral of the story = Thank God and all the others responsible for insurance!!

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