Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hollywood - Storytales that send a message

Not so long ago, the US apparently invaded Pakistani soil while chasing after O-Sam and his Bearded Brigade. Entering a country without any prior permission, especially for a 'war' that Pakistan, under General Musharraf's rule, was to be fighting themselves within their borders. The US was only supposed to be offering financial aid.

Under normal circumstances, if a country is invaded, there is inevitable retaliation. However, in the case of Pakistan the only retaliation is that of our own people. How are we progressing as a "developing nation", since that is what the term developing refers to?! By blowing humans up at public locations where, for the most part, a general audience of innocents are gathering for some sort of merriment. Unbeknownst to them, there is a man, probably no more than 24 years of age, who has been training for months, perhaps years, to blow himself up into itty bitty pieces of human carnage while taking an oath in exchange for a possible first class ticket to Heaven where a bunch of nekkid virgins are to greet him and maybe give him the golden handshake of love (no
, not his hands). Why not just give him a real ticket on KLM and send the kid off to Amsterdam where he can have both nekkid ladies slobber him with their lusty love, while he meets other like-minded people who can exchange some sort of intellectual debate about how Mr. Blow Myself Up has a farm back home where he grows the best damn opium known to man.

Wrapping the two points together, if you watch enough propaganda and drama courtesy of Hollywood and the global media, you come to realize that there is a majority of death, decay and damage incurred by people around the world on an hourly basis. This is historically significant because it's always the same stories and all it does is make viewers immune to the mess we live in, while sheltering the truth of the matter.
A man who is raised from a young age by people who feed, cloth, house and educate him will learn to respect and listen only to his foster parents. In exchange, the parents will ask him to groom himself to a point where one day he can wrap 10 kg's of C4 around his waist and become a human firecracker in a crowded place to make a point. I will express my feelings a bit later, but at this moment, the rest of the world asks why he is doing what he is and what drives him and how he can be so insane and thoughtless and so forth. Part of the reason, I believe, is because he knows no better. Alternatively, because it's already easier to criticize and condemn. This guy, who probably spent his early years in maggot infested conditions, was later moved to a slightly better environment where he only sees his saviors looking out for him. He isn't thinking at the age of 10 that there must be a catch, one that he may not remember for a second longer than it takes to push the red button. His incentive, perhaps the juggies he will see in heaven; or maybe even the possible PKR 50,000  wire transfer to his parents bank account to somewhat better their lives provided he succeeds in his mission. Consider the fact that if he fails, he may well get his head chopped off unless he agrees to try it again. 

Everyone remember WWII? That little 'ol period when Jews were persecuted as they have been throughout human history. The time when Hitler was at his Zenith and the Allied forces were using any means necessary to stop the invasion and later the seepage of communism from the Soviet Army? Well, then we may also remember the 5 foot nothing super pilots from Japan known as the Kamikaze Fighters. No one called them terrorists. Their actions were viewed as nationalistic pride and courageous. I think they were just as crazy, regardless of their purpose. They had the same vigor and passion for their purpose - to destroy the enemy by making themselves dispensable. Suicide bombers are no different, nor should they be mistaken to be anything else. They believe in a cause, so much so that they are willing to take their lives for it. The Kamikazes did what they did because they wanted to destroy potential disaster by stubbing it at the root. The Fundoos (Suicide bombers who claim to be doing so in the name of God) have the same purpose. It may not seem that way to us, but try their perspective if you can.

Now, my opinion? How can anyone, I mean ANYONE be so Fucking stupid?!?!?! Fucking Nuts man! However, be it as it may, they have their reasons and all we see is the end result, not the events leading up to the psychotic behavior causing the death of many innocents. I do NOT condone anything these bastards do, nor do I sympathize. Frankly, I think the extremists need to justify what they are doing in conversation rather than use indefinite aggression as their only tool of communication. I respect people, but only when they respect themselves. When you take yourself and others with you to death, and do so while BELIEVING that God will give you a chocolate chip cookie, a glass of milk, pat you on your back and tell you to be on your way to the pearly gates of juggy land, you need to be locked up in a room for a few days, then taken out and beaten till your eyes bleed, then put back in and then eventually asked..."Was it worth it?" Eventually it will knock sense into the SOB and put him straight. In the meantime, media needs to control their tongue and people need to watch more of the History Channel to learn about how shit ended up being the way it is today.

The Taleban and Al-Qaida happened for a reason. I learnt about it while in College in the states and so proving that information is available everywhere. Use your noggins and do a little research then form an opinion to condemn the assholes who created these Frankensteins in the first place. If you keep a dog chained up all his life and then expect him to be friendly with your buddies, you are sadly mistaken. You will only see that when he rips your best friends arm off. Prevention is better than an insurance claim after the damage is done. 

WAKE UP WORLD! Global warming, terrorists and suicide attacks, natural disasters, plane crashes, WAR, genocide, starvation, education (or the lack thereof) are all products of our own disregard for history and our fellow man. The ice is melting, people are dying and there still isn't a cure for the deadliest of cancers. Don't wait for science to come up with a practical medicine that the FDA will approve one day and recall the next. Use your own hands, don't encourage poverty by giving money to beggars to forgo your own guilt. 
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