Thursday, August 26, 2010

[Event] Silent Candlelight Vigil for Nonviolence


Silent Candlelight Vigil for Nonviolence

Saturday · 8:00pm - 9:30pm

LocationPNCA Auditorium Parking Lot Islamabad

We invite you to join us in a moment of strength and solidarity to stand together and collectively condemn all forms of violence, especially in light of recent events in Sialkot. The purpose is not to target  a particular organization or group of people but to acknowledge  the role each of us as ordinary Pakistanis have failed to play in preventing this degeneration of our society.

Let us take this moment to pledge towards change, towards countering apathy and towards playing a stronger, active role in reconstructing our society and our country. 

We strongly oppose vigilante justice and intolerance and violence and we are committed to bringing about the change that is needed!  

Please assemble at the PNCA parking lot (behind Marriott) at 8pm on Saturday and bring at least one candle. We will walk to Constitution Avenue  and we will stand together in silent protest for one hour. The media will be invited to cover the event.
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