Saturday, March 4, 2006

Blogger Blogged Out in Pakistan?

So what's this I hear? Blogger ports being banned on Pakistani soil? Just today I was discussing with someone how media and press have really become liberated in Pakistan that some countries that are already well into their developed stages such as the US and UK could take some lessons from us.

Now, it appears that I have to mark my words and take my foot out of my throat -- cause apparently that's how far down I managed to get it before I heard this. I find it quite ironic that on the day the President of the US makes his debut / landmark visit to this part of the world, showing that he has trust. The visit marks a tremendous amount of significance in the quality of our leadership, especially since the last few visits did not last more than a few hours.

Check this story out: Pakistan Blocks Blogs on Cartoons

You know, its funny that the court should issue an order that blogs be banned because of this belief, and that too the entire blogger network, not just specific sites. This is just outright shameful, pathetic and unconstitutional! People have a right to speak and people have an even greater right to read and know. This is the truest mechanism of transporting information to the remainder of the world, that which the local media colors with political agendas and uncivilized bias. This clearly shows how strong the effect of blogging is and I believe it is the civic duty of every individual to write and write responsibly. If someone is writing unconfirmed information or is publishing fallacies to pursue perfidy, then they should suffer the concequences...not the entire blogging network. This is not the military, this is real life and each individual is responsible for their own actions. It's time we take it.
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