Friday, March 3, 2006

A Dubya Bush is comin'

Read All About It! Bush is comin' to town. Yes that's right folks, little man Bush, the dude who runs the company called America (the government at least) is coming to Pakistan.

Well, jokes aside...I was wearing my favorite Dubya t-shirt the other day to work and one of my colleagues dared me to wear the shirt and parade around the city in it tomorrow. Unfortunately, the city of Islamabad is going to be sealed tight as a baby on a nipple 'cause of security. He won't see me in it so what's the point, eh?

I was watching a terribly interesting tv show today on GEO - a program called 'Follow Up with Fahad', who was interviewing a few folks such as the Foreign Minister * Khurshid Kasuri *, some ex-ambassador to the US and a man named Amin Hashwani - India Pak CEO's Forum rep.

It was also being broadcast to the US in the auditorium of GW University where there was a live feed and a few guests were hosted by a lady there, i forget her name. Among the guests was a very wise man named Steven Cohen of the Brookings Institute. I have heard quite a bit about him from my friend Azeema who used to work under him in DC quite sometime back...the day's I was her chauffer. Anyway, that story another time...this discussion over the tele was really quite well done and very well rounded. They spoke on issues such as terrorism and Pakistan's committement, India-Pak relations, Nuclear issues, Iran/Pk pipeline for energy and some others that will be elaborated once Bush gets here.

We are all entitled to our opinions, that is one fundamental of a democracy, but whatever we may think of Bush's character, he is still the President of the US and no matter how much one may like or dislike him, working with him is essential for Pakistan to emerge above this fundamentalist aura that we are surrounded by thanks to the likes of Qazi Hussain Ahmad and his followers - a real bunch of sinners and hypocrites. There is enough dirt on them to have them hung for treason, but because the 'maulvi's' make such a large portion of our population, it would just be asking for civil war. While we are on this topic, I am going to reprint an old article of mine regarding my sentiments on the bearded fellers - mind you when I talk of beards, I mean the real long kind that has all kinds of gook stuck in it from breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have a beard myself, but its short, stylish and does not in any way represent my religious affiliation... if any.

Looking forward to Bush's arrival, not looking forward to being housebound while he is here...when it was Clinton, that was ok cause we liked him. Bush is just, not dave chapelle funny, just funny lookin'
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