Thursday, October 9, 2008

!BREAKING NEWS! Explosion Rocks H11 Police Lines (Islamabad, PK)

While lazing about in bed today, I heard a distant thud sound. Because the window was open, my curtain flew inwards causing a draft to enter that went smack into my front door which is straight down the hall. At first I thought it was a knock, but it was faint - like a distant "Poof" sound. When I went to investigate, turns out there was no one at the door, although my cat thought so too so he stayed by it waiting perhaps for the boogie man to enter.

Shortly after I get a call from my mom-in-law followed by a friend asking if we were ok. Turns out there was a bomb blast right around the corner from where I live - literally across the road from where my wife and I go get our monthly groceries. Now this is where it gets really scary - nothing ever happens near my place, it's all down in the center of town where all the diplomats reside and where the embassies and government offices are. Incidentally, there is a community known as Police Lines in most sectors of Islamabad, where police men live with their families. The biggest one in Islamabad is in H11, which is the sector right next to mine and that is the venue of today's blast.

The article below is from GEO News but they still can't determine whether it was a suicide bomber or a self-timed bomb. 

Eight killed in suicide blast near Police Line in Islamabad
 Updated at: 1257 PST,  Thursday, October 09, 2008
Eight killed in suicide blast near Police Line in Islamabad ISLAMABAD: A powerful blast has occurred in ATS building near Police line in Islamabad today.

According to a foreign news agency, at least eight people have been killed in a car bombing at the main police complex in the capital.

Sources said that the suspected suicide bomber hit his explosive-laden vehicle with ATS barrack in which one part of the building was completely gutted.

The dark clouds of smoke were seen over police line. According to eyewitnesses, the blast was so loud that it smashed the glass windows of nearby buildings. On the other hand, ambulances were sent to place of blast. 

It may be mentioned that National Training Center and Police Academy is also situated in the area.
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