Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dad's book - flight of the falcon

My dad wrote a book not so long ago entitled the Flight of the Falcon, which has managed to penetrate the borders of Pakistan and gain much popularity in India, USA, UK and even Australia. Thank God for the wonders of online ordering.

This book was a monumental accomplishment because it took him nearly a decade to put the whole story together and have it published (with great strife, I might add). Having just gotten over the hype of the book (and it's highly controversial, yet exciting contents), he has neared an Urdu version, which we expect to hit the bookstores soon.

I am quite excited about the turnout since a large portion of his immediate audience is actually going to be educated by a lot of what he has written, rather than see a different version altogether.

It will be quite interesting to see how it translates into Urdu - I wonder if there are words available in the dictionary to replace what was expressed in English. And if so, how emphatic will they be?
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