Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The NexGen of NexGens

HTC, in my opinion, is the latest and greatest phone maker in the world. It makes me happy that they are not your typical manufacturer from Japan, Germany, Korea or even the US. In fact, they hail from a tiny island most know very little about known as Taiwan.

I had the pleasure of visiting Taipei earlier this year (see photo evidence of dinner at Taipei 101 - right - and the event venue with our hosts - Left) during a WiMAX conference. It was a great trip, I even made a few friends from the regional wireless industry.

Today I came to know about a concept phone that HTC is working on and it's known as HTC 1 - a revolution in phones. If this phone is what they show it to be, i think that Apple finally has some real competition for them.

This phone has everything from sexy finishing, UV light for killing germs, improved UI, LED screen, built-in kick-stand, access to google apps, etc. Maybe there was a reason why NexusOne has been stopped by Google...maybe this is why...

Have a gander at this link to find out what I am talking about:

Coolness in a phone should be like this...

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