Thursday, December 22, 2011

And along came 2012 (+video entertainment)

© Steven Chung (even if he didn't want it)
2011...what can we say about you. We lost a few, we gained a few. From people to places and health fallacies to debt recalculations.

Zooming into our little part of the world, It's safe to say that Pakistan remained in the top 10 of the world's most information-generating countries. Our president and celebrity pin-up girls managed to keep the headlines occupied for silly things while folks in Africa continue suffering from unimaginable pain, suffering and strife, ranging from disease to hunger. Our favorite cricket player is on the top of every one's (imagined) speed dial and rallying towards a cause yet unknown has not been an issue. 

I've got about 3 decades beneath my belt (and not literally you dirty minded readers, you!). I'm talking about what I've seen, experienced and learnt. It's probably safe to say that 2011 has clearly trumped all previous years within the 2000 millennial. So much information about so many things happened that I find it hard to even hold onto any one specific thing. I mean, the Egypt, Libya uprisings took a sizable portion of our year and twitter feed and for good reason. Two countries changed their entire modus operandi within a span of weeks! 

I can't even imagine my life without 2011. I know it's a 'tough-to-grasp' concept, but hey - think out of the box, right? What if we didn't have 2011 and we skipped over from 2010 to 2012. We'd be looking at a vacuum in our ability to prepare for the Mayan/Nostradamian (if that's even correct) predicted end of the world theory (which is pending validation come new years). We would be looking at 3 leaders vanished into oblivion with no profits for news and media agencies to benefit from. Steve Jobs (one of the greatest men of our time) wouldn't be here and we wouldn't have had a chance to remember him for his many achievements, pretty much all starting with an 'i'.

We had the memo gate scandal that crossed multiple ponds, Japan declared 32+ waist sizes obese (for men), Greece went bankrupt and the EU had to ask CHINA for a loan of US$ 700 billion (I saw the report on BBC myself). We discovered that the three tyrants brought down by 2011 were all 69 years old when they died. How kinky is that, right? No, seriously! I read somewhere that there were more military deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan this year than ever before during both wars, combined! I doubt this is true, but still...not an accomplishment by any standards. 

Everyone had it rough except the Swiss, they always manage to slip through the cracks with their international Get-out-of-jail card. Good for them; they were wise with foresight well ahead of their time. Even Argentina and Chile didn't see that kind of nonsense. Nor did Bolivia, Mexico or Colombia, minus the major drug busts and deaths - causalities of the cartel.

Let's thank our Gregorian friends for 2011 and appreciate all that we have enjoyed, endured, witnessed, celebrated and mourned throughout these 365 days and pay tribute to a wonderfully noisy year. Here's to you 2011, may you be remembered for all - the good, the bad, the ugly and the nasty (Clint Eastwood wasn't available for the sequel so we got Chuck Norris and Rajinikanth both).

2012...buckle up, lot's to live up to.

In the meantime, let's pay tribute to our wonderful friend, 2011, courtesy of  @JibJab , one of my favorite Spark-Notes equivalent, in video!

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