Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'm not talking about my own gas, it's yours I want!

Everyone's talking about the current situation in the country and how our global environment is treating us. Some resort to arms, others to sophisticated language. Either way, it's the big picture folks are looking at. From Memo Gate to Zardari's health to Veena's (unforgivably) hot bod on the cover of the "Enemy at the gate" (not reflecting personal opinion as have too many friends there to ignore the facts). 

Today, I'd like to briefly touch upon another small issue that affects my quality of life; one that, again, everyone suffers from on a day to day basis. This little trinket has become a partner in crime for another buddy of his/hers (no gender bias). They simply alternate their roles, and sometimes overlap in their responsibilities towards the many citizens and residents of our great country with ample supplies of natural resources and plenty of geniuses to help exploit greener, more efficient ones too!

If only!
Yes, you guessed it! I'm talking about Gas, and not the kind we could live off of if self-sufficiency was possible to such an extreme. HAH! More specifically, the shortage of which comes during the winter as the electricity happens to repeat during the summer, when my AC sounds like a 60 year old Jalopy. 

Imagine walking around with a container to harness gas for personal consumption. I know a few folks who could be a friendly neighbor. Alas, i digress again. I am talking about the gas supply that comes into our homes for heating, cooking, and maybe even a few kinky things people might have thought up. Nevertheless, my beef is focused on my own gas supply at home. Since the temperatures have dropped in Islamabad, I have also noticed a proportional drop in the availability of gas to heat my room early in the morning or late in the evening, when it is needed the most. 

Seems there is a propaganda waiting to happen, but no one has zoomed in on it since there are other, pressing matters at hand. Let me be the first to get the ball rolling. 

My in-laws, who live in one of the more exclusive parts of town (or so we thought) have not had a ready gas supply for the last two weeks, In fact, because of the shortage, and the fact that her son and his family were visiting recently from abroad, they had to buy two stoves that are powered by a gas cylinder, along with some extra cylinders. Now, the first thing you will say is "Be thankful you have gas. I live in fala fala part of Pakistan and I don't even have a gas line." Well, to that I say it's not my concern. Selfish you think? I disagree. Why? Because we manage with the resources we have available to us. If I pay a gas bill, I expect a gas supply. Can you imagine living in a world where we were 'OK' paying for services that weren't ever really served? And if they aren't even available - like NETFLIX  in Pakistan - why would you critique the concerns of those who use it but have issues? 

I thought they were building a pipeline from Iran to my house? What happened to that project? Did the contractor take all the money and run away, again?! Man, those guys are such assholes. I mean, you try to be nice and give them a few road projects, but they refuse to rectify themselves. 

Coming back to the point, why is it that the quality of life we all seek is resting in the hands of the big kahunas who rule the roost and lead the cabal? Sorry, had to use those expressions because it seems they are 'POPular' (read it in Bill Nighy's accent) and help establish the writer's sense of propriety over important issues. I don't want popularity and have tried not to ever. Instead, just give me your gas that I pay for and we'll call it a day. Seriously man, it's bloody cold in the morning when I have to take a shower, get ready for my day at work. I want to work and I want to be there on time, but only if I can get the little things I need, the ones I already pay you for, and be on my way. Too much to ask for you say? I disagree...

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