Thursday, October 7, 2010

Urdu Version of Flight of the Falcon - 'Shaheen ki Parwaaz' (OUT NOW)

Now available in English and Urdu translation

"Flight of the Falcon" | "Shaheen Ki Parwaz"

Did Ayub Khan Chicken out in Battle for Kohima and sacked by Gen. Reese, nom de plume, Pocket Nepolian?

Was AQ Khan ever a nuclear scientist or only a Metallurgist? 

Did you know the story of $10mn donation by AQ Khan from a swiss bank to obtain Chair of Academy of Sciences?

Also find the real story behind the T-33 high-jack by Bengali Flt. Lt. Matih-ur-Rehman in 1971

Read these & More true facts in the Third Edition of 'Flight of the Falcon'
Bestseller by Vanguard

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