Thursday, August 4, 2005

I have been delayed and this is why...

I know I have been neglecting the blog, but most of you probably don’t give a shit which works fabulously for me since it gives me the time to take a break and write something interesting for a change.

I am actually working on something at the moment, but I don’t much like writing intimate shit at my office because people love to look over each others shoulders to peer at what they are doing, except me of course. Seriously, when someone is typing in a password to login to their machine, I look away. Others just stare….wtf you ask? As do I.

Anyway, just letting ya’ll know I’m alive n kickin. Just been very very busy at work. Yes, things are actually finally becoming more interesting and a lot more hectic…just the way I like it! I was in Lahore yesterday for the day, in a meeting with a man who knows his shit. Let me tell you, he gave me a crash course on Nortel procedures within 6 hours. Considering how tired I was, having left Islamabad at 7 am, I learnt quite a bit. I am actually feeling a tad bit heavy in the head cause I think I might just be a lot more knowledgeable than my brain can manage. Lets hope I can disperse the info to my teammates before its too late and I end up on a stretcher with Ali looking over me saying…”Damn son…you shouldn’t have smoked so much!”

While I was driving to Lahore… actually I was chillin’ in the back seat while I had someone driving me there. Anyway, while I was on my way to Lahore, I fell asleep in my pimpin’ backseat. While asleep, I had a dream and I'm not sure what might have caused it, but I’m guessing we went over some cat eyes on the road. The dream was brief but fucking effective! All I remember was someone screaming and the scream kept getting closer and closer and closer…within moments of the initial scream, it was too close to my ear and in my dream I woke up and some red colored ’95 civic reversed really quickly into whatever car I was in. Please remember this happened in my dream and within moments of the civic reversing into my car, I really woke up and looked ahead to see a completely motorway. This happened just as we were making the first turn on the salt-range mountains.

Anyway, enough drama for today, the next article will be more of a self-revelation with relation to my religious convictions. Something I have not yet addressed publicly as to the root of it all. I think it might give me an opportunity to reflect on what being agnostic means to me.

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