Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fly - Buy - Dubai

So they have left me all alone and I am still a little frazzled with the whole sudden smack in the face of being on my own. It's no big deal...not as far as being alone, but the emptiness that comes with not having them fools around. The house is quiet; cats are freaked out, hey! At least the internet works.Anyway, Sopi left for the states yesterday a couple hours after my dad and sis n Anu (Mr. Global Butler) and I think I should still eat lunch at her house everyday cause it will be good for both of us. Besides, all that time I spent hanging out with her, never really gave me a chance to let her mom get to know me.Me n my sis were smsing each other for sometime while she was in Dubai, shopping her ass off while my dad was complaining. The Dubai airport is to shoppers what a playground is to children.

"Fly - Buy - Dubai"

Still no luck selling the civic, even though I’m getting calls since Sunday, but no one seems to be taking the bait. Maybe I need to work on my selling skills, or maybe...I should just give it free to the next fucker that calls! Some guy called me yesterday and had the nerve to spend 10 min arguing with me about how I’m asking too much for my car. People here call for the sake of calling. Most of them are never interested in buying the car, they just want to find out how much cars are selling for, knowing fully well they cannot afford it or will not buy it. They just want to waste my time and, well...I was about to say theirs but let's not go that far. Anyway, it's for sale so if you know anyone who wants it and lives in
Islamabad, holla at me!

Work is coming along. Lot's going on these days, but it's all boring shit. You want something exciting, read Ali's blog. That shit is funny almost regularly. I still have trouble understanding whether I was hired here to be an English teacher or a project coordinator?!?! I mean, don't get me wrong, the guys are great here and they are all very interested in learning the appropriate use of english grammar, but with the same token, I don't want to become a dependable commodity for them.

Anyway, it’s high time I packed up n headed home so ciao.

Oh by the way, if you guys are not included on an email list that I have for Bucknell pictures and you want to see some old pictures, let me know and I’ll share em with you.

And Munz, I added you on skype so authorize me you bastard!

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