Thursday, September 1, 2005

Alas, let there be GMessenger

Breaking News: Gmail has launched a beta messenger service.

Out with the msn, aol and yahoo messengers, the best email service now has a chat program with telephony and its pretty light weight.

Not a lot of options just yet, but hell it works on Nortel’s network, I think that’s nice.I have been waiting for a chat program like this for sometime. Soon, they will probably link up with Picasa, Orkut, Hello and any other affiliate very soon to make life even easier.

Ahhh...Gmail...please with ease

Hook it up
here and add me (

On another note, I had an interesting encounter with an asshole on the road the other day.

We have this great shopping area here that everyone loves to go to. A family place of sorts called Jinnah Super Market. What makes it
Super beats the hell out of me, but it’s the religious center for all the young guns in Isb with loud stereos, tinted windows and really really nasty modifications to their shitty shitty cars. Anyway, so I'm entering a 1-way lane and this 'asshole' is coming out from the IN side (where I am entering) and I start making hand gestures at him basically saying "Wtf are you doing you fucking asshole?!?" He replies in some similar yet more aggressive manner and I roll my window down and he’s like what the hell is your problem. I'm like dude your exiting from an IN lane on a one-way road. He's like yeah I know. At this point we are holding up traffic and he has two kids dangling from his lap (safety first you know). He starts suggesting he wants to put dem fists up and I'm like if you didn't have those kids there, you would be one sorry SOB. I started pointing at the sign, half the size of his fucking car, that read "IN" and he looks at it and he’s like yeah so this is the OUT lane too. What do you say to someone who says that, when there is another sign at the actual exit lane which reads "OUT" as broad as daylight?

It's times like this I wish I had a HUM-V with serious chrome bull-bars in the front so I could go ramming bitches like him straight up. Guys making wrong turns and shit. Man that drives me nuts. Traffic is so poor in Islamabad, which is the Capital of this country I was hoping to save with the other guys in my Generation.

Sadly, the old folks don't like such changes, they like things the way they are and that helps them keep their bellies and bank accounts full.

Anyway I'm not going to get in to politics now; we will save that for another time.

Here's one to lighten your mood
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