Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tag me baby one more time

So I have this friend here right, mu-mu she is called, nd she loves to play games. today it is tag. The classic tag, where you touch someone and then they are it and so forth. It was fun when we were kids, it sure as hell isn't as fun now cause it requires writing and mu-mu is gonna get a whoopin from me but until's to ya meh~

5 people I will be tagging are Sophi (who does not have a blog so i dont know what she's gonna do), Ali Haider (my cousin and doctor-to-be), Richard Ram (it home baby yeah!), Munni man Mike and Zahra (the best niece in the world!)

5 years ago: I was 20 yrs old, immature, inexperienced and at my prime with no one to really go at it with!!! I had just started college at Bucknell and was just getting in to the whole "independent" thing I was anxious to see america alone, go to college and do all those things i spent my life anticipating. It's not all that...

1 Year ago: I graduated from college, moved to virginia for a week, after leaving lewisburg finally, and then went on my way to new york. I lived the dream of any country gal in middle america!!! yay women! hold up...shiet...this isn't coyote ugly, is it?!?

5 songs I know all the words to: You oughta know (Alanis Morrissette), Numb / Encore (Linkin' Park / Jay-Z), Half the man (STP), Any song without lyrics (Anyone who sang a song without lyrics) and a fifth one I don't give much of a shit about.

5 Snacks I enjoy: Brown bread with salt, tiramisu, banana cake ( made with Sophi's hands) and Corona -- "miles away from ordinary"

5 Things I'd do w/ $100 million dollars: spent it, save it, give it, lose it, throw it

5 places I would run away to: NYC, Las Colinas (my farm), isloo, providence and

5 things I would never wear: a spiked paddle, rope thong with embedded razor blades, a bra (ooooh nastay), butt tight jeans with high heel black sneaker cum shoes that brit paki's love to sport and last but not least a diaphram (cheers meh~)

5 favorite tv shows: Lost, Johnny Bravo ("I'm beautiful baby!"), Shano ki Shaadi (no, seriously), Daily Show with John Stewart and Arrested Development

5 greatest joys: Soph, travelling, sex, drugs and HALO

5 favorite toys: naughty naughty! Oh alright, winnie the pooh, jenna's look-a-like poon, laser pointers...come off it, is this really a question?

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