Friday, September 23, 2005

In memory of Billie Boy

An old conversation I had with my friend JJ. Found it while cleaning up my documents…

Session Start ( Tue Mar 08 23:37:46 2005

[23:37] jay: yoo listyem
[23:37] jay: listen
[23:38] Zohare:  listening
[23:38] Zohare: yo
[23:39] jay: remember you made this site
[23:39] jay: hmmmmmmmmmm where you wrote about your friend bilal sadiq
[23:39] jay: ?
[23:40] Zohare: yeah
[23:40] Zohare: what abt it
[23:45] jay: is it stil theree?
[23:49] Zohare: nahi yaar. that was on my college webspace.
[23:49] Zohare: i have the files
[23:49] Zohare: but i need webspace to put it all back up again
[23:49] Zohare: its funny bring it up
[23:49] jay: well
[23:49] jay: ?
[23:49] Zohare: by tradition i put up a new page to remember his death on the 8 of april, 1 month away
[23:50] jay: yeah man dude i didnt know him
[23:50] jay: when did he pass away?
[23:50] jay: hmmmmmm around the time when we first left for states?
[23:51] Zohare: 2002
[23:51] jay: acha dude after u put that page up please gime the link kay .....was nice whatever u wrote about him.. i read it like last year ..usman waheed showed it to me
[23:51] jay: just recalled so i messaged
[23:51] jay: okaay dude
[23:54] jay: ok!!!!
[23:54] Zohare: thanks a lot man. that means a lot to me that someone takes an interest in that
[23:55] jay: dude that was really sweet of you sure everyone loved it
[23:55] Zohare: :)
[23:55] Zohare: i hope so...
[23:55] jay: just wanted to know more about him...really sorry again
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