Friday, September 23, 2005

Constantine -- the demon killer

John Constantine – the Rebel Exorcist. An interesting movie which shows the story of a man who is torn between good and evil (*yawn*) and his own personal strife with life, Lucifer, Gabriel and cigarettes.

The animation is quite outstanding, the story is pretty good, but the end….ahhh yes. Just like any other ending, this ending is no exception. It could have been better. Obviously it is easier for the viewer to say that because:
  1. we were not with the production team

  2. we set high standards based on movie watching experience, not movie making experience

  3. its easier to criticize something we wouldn’t do ourselves. Presuming most of us are not movie producers / directors

That said and the rest being set in stone already, it’s a great movie to watch with DTS surround sound on a 42” Plasma tv ;)

Coming to the ending, the moral of the story is quite simple, don’t screw up your lungs because no one is really going to come down from some divine location and yank all the tar out of your lungs. Smoking is hazardous to your health – surgeon general warning!

Although it was a side thing, and most of the movie is spent showing Keannu Reaves yanking demons out of little girls and using all kinds of funky Blade type weapons to destroy other flying demons, while maintaining an attitude, that of NEO – since he is the 1…or wait, was it Nelly? Anyway, they can figure it out themselves.

Its basically Matrix meets Blade with cigarettes and how cigarettes are worse than heaven, hell, Lucifer, Gabriel, God, demons, heartbreak, death and jumping off buildings with great heights.

Sure, if that summary wasn’t good enough, go ahead and watch it…but if I missed anything out, do let me know.
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