Friday, August 19, 2005

Long time coming

It’s been a while since I posted my last entry. To tell you the truth, not a lot has changed or happened since then, so I figured why bore the public. Anyway, I just thought I would put a few things out on the table.

  1. I am on skype now. You can search me by my name (Zohare Haider) or my username (Zohare.haider)

  2. I am going to be a very lonely and sad guy in a couple of weeks. Now others might find this resembling lunacy, but I will be home alone for about 2 months and the only friends ill have in my house are my cook and two maids. Yes yes I know, I am a pimpin prince. Pakistan is the shizza!

  3. Since I will be alone, I will be moving around a lot trying to occupy my time. Traveling to and from Lahore. Maybe even a trip to Dubai. Depends on how much moolah I’m left with.

Anyway, that said, I want to get some opinions on a car I am considering investing in. Chevrolet recently started manufacturing cars for the Pakistani market in S. Korea in the Daewoo factory (GM bought the broke ass Daewoo) and Chevy has a car called the Optra LS. Now the car is pretty snazzy, it has nice wooden paneling on the sides. Very mild and matted so it doesn’t look shiny or showy. The transmission is very solid as the car itself. Comfortable seats, sunroof, all kinds of nifty little gadgets n so forth.

On top of all those nice things, it is still 1 lakh cheaper than the civic. The only thing is and literally the only thing: This car is new, American and very good but the resale is questionable. Sure if it sells well, 3-4 yrs from now it will share resale value with civics and corollas, but until then it will be risky. I like the car, enough to want to keep it a while. It looks, feels and rides very nicely. It is durable, parts are cheap and there is a 3S support facility owned by Chevy in ISB. Any objections?

Honda Civic is coming out with a new shape in December. Apparently it will look like the CL9 2003 Accord. That is a pretty tite shape so I don’t know whether to wait or not. That car, however, will cost about 14.5 lakh as opposed to the 12.5 lakh Chevy.
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