Friday, July 22, 2005

Constantly thinking...

Here's an update on whats photographically new:

Today is a very interesting day as I have come up with an idea that has blown my mind! I will not disclose any details for the simple fact that its THAT BIG! Don't bother asking me cause I am not going to say anything, so purleez respect that.

Anyway, just had lunch with my family at Pappasalis. My have they improved. Tried their Vietnamese Chicken and that certainly hit the right spot on my palette. Nice 'n' spicy with red peppers, it is a chunky brown/glazed chicken dish on a small bed of angel hair pasta (noodles were a bit too thick to be angel hair but that's what they say they are). Just the right serving if you are in the mood for something small, but tasty! hmm hmm!

On another note, I spoke to my friend Suzanne today who moved to New Dehli (India) last november from New York City. She seems to be happy in ND. Called her up and heard her voice after almost a year. She still has the same laugh, which is always nice to hear.
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