Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Oh what a night!

You guys remember that song? One of those funny songs no one knows the second half of the chorus to but still has that catchy ring to it. Good times >_<

So my sister had a little shindig at the haider mansion yesterday. I do believe she had a fair number of people show up. First time we used our patio out front since it has been converted from a potentially beautiful lawn into a red-tiled flat land. At first I was against the whole thing, but then my father's ability to overrule any disagreement I have was enacted - the local veto if you will. Now that it's all done, it doesn't look half bad and truth be told, we can now use the damn spot of land for something other than water sucking grass that refused to grow.

Anyway, getting back to my sister's thingy. It was pretty nice. We enjoyed some wine, relaxed and sat in the humid evening air with some funky digital fans my dad got. He is so tech savvy sometimes it scares me. The food was fantastic, my cook out did himself, although I do believe he has reason to as my dad is trying out new cooks too so our existing guy certainly has some burden of employment worries on his shoulders.

Asif came by with a friend of his. Haven't seen him in sometime so he was nice to have around. Always a chilled out time with him, not having to worry about what to say or do etc.

On another note, I think I need to start running again. I have gotten pretty lazy and I need to start waking up!

I'm bored...entertain me
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