Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Reflections - A peek in to your own future?

There are those moments we all endure, whether brief or elongated, when we see someone of our own bloodline do something, behave a certain way or even say a word that reminds you of yourself. Then there are times where you see someone do those things who are well into their life and that become a sort of hint...could this be a peek in to your future?

Yesterday there was an incident in which my dad got a little riled up and proceeded to get quite upset and as his temper began to rise and his body started trembling, it occurred to me that in this day and age, I am like that too...not a coincidence since he is my father, but it is a bit shocking to see that comparison and realize who certain characteristics of yours are linked with.

I think we are genetically very interesting as people, always trying to compare who we look like, who we walk, talk, eat, shit, sleep like. Why does it even matter? Because when a parent looks at their child, they feel a sense of their identity beyond them which will be a peek in to their (the parents) own future, an extension of their life. When the child resembles something like a facial feature, the parents begin competing with one another, in a sort of innocent manner. As children of nature, we are all very primitive in our ways, the small things that we do like wearing clothes, mannerisms; etiquette, etc. are really just formalities. It gives humans the satisfaction of thinking they are above the other animals, but in fact, we cannot compare as we are just different. Apples and oranges I say Watson!

If we really are superior, then we wouldn't be afraid of a lion in a one on one? Truth be told, having the ability to hold a gun, knife or any other sort of weapon for defense is the advancement that separates us, but I think its utter bullshit. If you compare any thing, they should be at the most primitive level. Bare hands, something a characteristic can be compared at, don't you agree?

Anyway, I just think that instead of challenging the weaker races, we should either kill em off and stop complaining like 5th graders, "waaaaahh he pulled my hair" or "she kicked my balls", or find a way to just f&*%#n get along without these pretentious excuses of segregation and labeling. I mean, wtf is that anyway, ethnic minority? I think Africans, Indians, Chinese and Arabs are ethnic majorities as opposed to minorities, at least on a global level. I believe that countries practicing racial segregation, to any degree (even ours) are quite pathetic to the effect that they think life, as short as it really is, becomes a superiority race.

Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with a little competition to raise the bar, but tree hugging is just way too much on the other extreme. I think the way of the hippy is the best. Some Mary Jane, Hedonism resorts and lots of free time is what we should all spend our lives indulging in.

Snap! I gotta go, boss is calling me....I will make manager one day and until that day, I will work work work! :-/

To refresh your minds, here is T-I-Guh-Guh- Er sqauttin then chillin as an infant:

Step 1: The Oh shit! It's full frontal nudity stage

Step 2: The Aerial Embarassment Stage

Step 3: The Let's dig it up and try again stage

Step 4: The Relax in the hazy apartment mode

Hope you like em - guy on the right is Yusef

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