Monday, July 25, 2005

The weekend has passed

Wow...what a weekend. I think that if one was to endure the three days that just passed on a regular basis, they wouldn't last a year without a heart attack. This much excitement, happiness, sadness, all that shit just packed into a can of nuts waiting to spring on you is just quite a bit.

Had lunch with Soph, my mom and sis at Pappasalis and saw Soph's cousin working there. Shocked both of us cause he didn't seem the type, but he is one hell of a chef! He's off to the west to get an edumacation so I guess he’s trying to squeeze in some hours of internship work before takin off to the wild wild west.

What else is up, oh...the month is almost over and believe it or not, my experimental budget allowance for July was OVERESTIMATED! I actually spent, or rather need to spend about 1200-1500 less each month, which is pretty sweet cause that can get tossed in to something else. At this rate, saving some cash is going to be a cake-walk. I think I want some vanilla frosting on top.

Some other stuff has been happening and I won't go in to two of them, one being the BIG IDEA and the other involves a shiny thing. On another note, however, one of my buddies had a little tussle with a side-curb and messed up his ride quite a bit. Doesn't show as much as it really is damaged, but there is a lesson in everything so I hope the both of us can gain from it, more him than me though. He's a great kid, but this was one of those things that were bound to happen, especially when it was least expected...or was it?

Ahh and Sunday's can be one helluva relaxation day. I try to spend the day with my father, but he decided to take an afternoon nap after I spent lunch time indulging in BBC Food (love cooking) and the recipes were literally all butters and creams and sugars and so forth. I mean shit, one wants to eat, but one also would like to be somewhat cautious of what goes in cause it don't always come out. This is what happens when you lose the weight I did and realize how important it is to do so, maintaining the change simultaneously without going back to chubs 'r' us.

Finally, I decided...fuck it...I'll cook today. So I did and aside from some criticism that my sister and dad and Soph gave me, I make one hell of a tasty Bolognese sauce and some noodles that just don't get any better than mine. I may not be that good, but if you tell yourself that you are in the kitchen, you are SUPERCOOK! In any case, it was great, my bro had three helpings and dad had just enough to fill the stomach of an infant cat (afraid he would have a messed up tummy for lunch the next day - old friend / colleague from the Air force asked him to come up to a place called Khanispur past Murree to have lunch) and he has a blood pressure issue and the location we are going to is about 5k meters up and he hasn't been up that high since the Air force days. God speed to us all I say! I just hope to God he doesn't decide to drive cause I will have a panic attack in the car -- he still thinks he's in the cockpit of an F-86 Sabre and there are no roads, just lot's and lot's of space for miles n miles.

Anyway, just wish me and my family the best of luck cause things might just get a little rough.
Check this out -- Mu-mu's cat - Scotch.

More later...

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