Monday, July 18, 2005

The start of something new

So here we are at a new turn in life....aahh kinda feels nice to let go of the old and make room for the new. I just happen to be a junk collector and hate losing stuff. I am the kind of person who likes to accumulate utter crap, thinking one day I might just need it.

Time has come to move on from that stage and start anew. A fresh and clean slate if you will. I got a job, got a life, got a girl, got a car...all I need to do now is find a way to get a piece of mind. I have it, just gotta find it.

Anyway, so I made the introduction. Some of you might remember the blog I used to have, well that time has gone cause the hosting company decided to screw me over and cut my hosting short...I lost all my blog files in the process and I am not about to rewrite everything. You get the idea about cutting old strings. Along with that I had an external hard drive with a ton of music...some 40 gigs and a lot of other stuff. The point being I am still alive and after some 6 months I have decided its time to start blogging again. This time on a more reliable site, or so I am lead to believe.

To fill in the gap between my last post and now will take more than a blog. So much has happened, emotionally, physically, mentally and so forth. But I will make an effort to cover as much as possible here as I can, the rest will just have to find a way to weasel its way in to your minds eventually.

For starters, I am working and have been since Feb. I am the Senior Project Coordinator at Nortel Networks, Islamabad PK. I started as a project coordinator for the project director...that was pretty boring but things picked up when I got promoted a few weeks ago. My pay grade is according to pk standards so it’s not so good when I convert it in USD, but its pretty damn good for here so I am certainly very happy. My job covers a variety of things. Ill post my resume up at some point so you can all see what it’s all about. Always good to have an excuse to market oneself, even when in the market cause no offer is ever too good.

I am not going to go in to details cause it’s almost time to head home for the day, but ill drop a couple more additions to fill ya'll in. First off, I met a girl...she is more like a dream, but in physical form she is definitely the likes of a girl...a woman rather. What a woman this dream is. You know, when someone walks in to your life, you think of any possible way that person can alter the way you are, your personality, your character. And then you become defensive and ward off any change because no one likes change no matter who the initiator may be. She didn’t change me, I changed myself...physically. I lost 20 kg and haven't felt this good about myself ever! The difference here is that she initiated what I always wanted to, but became the source of inspiration rather than the reason.

More to come later then...

So with that I wish you all a warm welcome and bid you adieu for now...

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