Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Day 2

Still picking up the pieces and and I'm two posts along the way to victory! So I'm thinking today, what should this post contain that is so worth reading. One always wonders if what they mumble on about is even something worth the read for others, as others may wonder if reading a post is going to be worth their while. Interestingly enough, or perhaps not, that is how we primative people are.

One is always afraid of making a post too long, others are afraid of reading a post too long...yet we end up doing what we fear most at the moment. Why is that? I think its because we are curious, others might have a different justification for it but i think it is really quite simple. We CANNOT bear the unknown. Hiding behind a curtain of answers is where we don't want to be. The suspence, however, is only built up by our desire to lack the knowledge of everything...otherwise it wouldn't be fun, now would it?! By "it" I mean LIFE...that thing we all have in common, other than the satisfaction of DEATH. Sorry, this is getting a wee bit morbid.

Anyway, I have had some interesting eye-openers kinda bitch slap me in the face since I have been back and I think I have an idea why. I am not going to go in to them, but I will say that they have helped me remember what it is that brought me back to the muthaland!

I think I need to go do what I am employed to so till the next post...ciao
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