Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Work without work

The lights just went off...hoopla and props to wapda. First time in 6 months at my office have I ever seen anything like this before? Quite odd really, but interestingly enough the internet is still working...yay lease line to Singapore.

Lunch was great today, we went to Chinese Food Plaza, where their motto is "When want Chinese food china far away so this your best choice" kinda makes it easier to understand how to pronounce words like not-so-fluent in english chinese folks, unlike my good friend Victor Lun (yes that is real name and yes he knows what it means and it just so happens that chinese folks call it the same thing) so the jokes old....laff it off already you putz!

I would like to take a moment to describe my work place, a very interesting and dynamic environment where every single ring tone under the sun is constantly going off. The funny thing about the telecom industry is that everyone's on their phone...constantly.
My dad always used to throw a fit cause I was always on the phone. He would say stuff like you will get cancer in your brain and you will kill off brain cells with the radio waves from the cell and so forth. I managed to finish high school, college and get a job and still I don't feel much stupider...considering how much I did smoke in college *here's to you Ali, Shamik, Deniz, Yusef, Tim, Sam, Haverty and anyone else who was even remotely involved in my vice-full life! I do, however, feel quite stew-pid when I’m sitting around some folks here. I never thought how stimulating intellect would ever be, especially ME of all people. I mean, I was always a mediocre student so one would never anticipate a brain picking session with me, but to my surprise...I am a pretty globally conscientious guy and always willing to engage in a chit chat about all kinds of shit.

Anyway, here is another buncha pics...it's almost time for this little pakisteezy (props Hav-a-man) to sign off and beat it!

When things got hectic...these kids would get drunk and do silly nekkid type things, I am not accountable:

Actually, I'm just gonna HELLO the pics on the blog...ciao

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