Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Senators picking fights with MP's

I just detailed the voluntary appearance of Mr. George Galloway, a Member of the British Parliament, before a committee of Senators in the United States who were probing in to the "Oil for Food" program in Iraq. A U.N. / U.S. endorsed program, from which arose many discrepancies and apparent misappropriation of money. Initially, only given ten minutes, Mr. Galloway spent about 30 minutes firstly ripping apart the dossier that the senate published against Mr. Galloway, then ripping apart the credibility of the United States legal system, then ripping apart the credibility of the U.S. Government, who so blatantly accused him of multiple types of discrepancies. The documentation, in which Mr. Galloway was found guilty, without his admittal of the fraud, was alleged to be false by Mr. G and vague, as the U.S. Government likes to be. Where Mr. G met someone "many" times, when he insisted that he met him on two occasions, and in comparison to Donald "Fuck" Rumsfeld, who also met Saddam twice, for the purposes of allowing Hans Blix to enter Iraq a second time to complete the weapons inspection and also to challenge his integrity and leadership in reference of the killing of Kurds and other minorities. Mr. G very blatantly stated that Mr. Duck, on the other hand, met Mr. S. Hussain for the purposes of "Commerce", selling weapons to a U.S. installed puppet regime, something I agree with 100%.

After his statement, Mr. G gave the senate a chance to bite back and the senator (can't remember his name) sounded like a whimpering little bitch cause he then had to rebuild the entire case based on the complete rejection of everything by Mr. G in the open on International news networks broadcasting the event globally, embarassing not only the senate, but also the U.S. Government. If ever the UK had a chance to shine, this was it. As brilliant as a priceless stone in mercky water, this opportune moment was one for the UK to show the world that they, in fact, did have some parliamentarians who were smart, dilligent and clearly able to make their own minds without being a lapdog for the U.S.

Anyway, we all know the credibility of the U.S. Government with foreign policy, and if we are not all up to par, then please ask for some time from me and I can guarantee to fill in any gaps you could possibly have, with enough research to blow your mind!! Ultimately, all I sought from this post was to advise how I admire a man of Mr. G's stature, who on his own accord, went over the Atlantic, to Capitol Hill to spit on the Committee Senator's faces in person and walk home with his chest out, head high and not an ounce of guilt or remorse in his pocket.

Now that's something...even if he did make a bit of money, he realized that the committee was out to get Abdul Zarkawi by having Mr. G admit to some specific questions he refused to answer with a simple 'Yes' or 'No'. He's not British so I can give him a virtual pat on the back...yay fightin' Scots, literally.

Check these out...found 'em on the web:

Kinda like this one when the U.S. decided to go to war...the cherry on top as they say?

Check this article out when you have goes back to the early days of U.S.A. vs. Iraq Part Deux - "He tried to kill my daddy"

A task well overdue

Today is a landmark day for me. I have sorted, compressed and cleaned up about 1.2 gigs of photographs that I have managed to accumulate over the last 4 odd years. I would like to give a big shout out to Canon for making a fantastic, user-friendly and organized camera - The Digital Elph S200 which has been my photo companion sinec '00.

Initially, I had lost most of my pictures because my external harddrive had crashed, but a few months ago, i uncovered most of them on my desktop. I have lost some pictures, but since my camera stopped functioning after december '03, I didn't have many photos but thanks to Hamza T, it is back in action.

This is an FYI to all my college friends...any photos you want, please let me know, I think I have one for every time we were together in some situation or the other.

So this whole process started about a little over a year ago and today I have gone through them all, one-by-one, sorting and organizing like the OCD bitch that I am. was a ride. Sometimes I look back and it's like a dream that happened to fast. I remember when I was going to college, I thought to the fuck am I going to finish 4 years of this?!? It has been a year now and well that time has gone. The cool thing is, however, I have put all my college years in a folder called 2000-2004 and the rest is in My Pictures. It's significant because that is a part of my life I have acknowledged to have occured, but I have left it in the past, sort of like a sub-folder...which it is.

Every step in life we look forward and think about what we will look forward to next and there is always something there. After college it's a job, then marriage, then kids, then retirement, favorite...DEATH!!! Everytime I think of death, I think of the character Death in Family Guy. I wouldn't mind having a guy named death, who looks like the Grim Reaper or is the Grim Reaper, to be my pal. That, by the way, is one helluva show. If you haven't seen it, grab a bootleg copy from Illusions or even download it.

Some more photos to sooth your mind comin up.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

2 hrs later n still diggin...all this for smokes

Ryan's Audi...snowed in. This is how bad it gets

I gon kick your french ass!!

Raaj, Nora, Me, Shammy, Brooke and Benny the returning frenchman!

ahhh...bucknell days - Sara, Brooke and i think Nora is there the background?

take one guess...only one possibility with this african putz they called shamik

otto trying to get some unnecessary luvin from DJ ry-ry (RIP Ryan Vanderbeck)

roommates that cracked me up...otto the beaver and tom the whacko

Let's try that again...

Tom beginning the sled ride through the hall on 3 1/2

Work without work

The lights just went off...hoopla and props to wapda. First time in 6 months at my office have I ever seen anything like this before? Quite odd really, but interestingly enough the internet is still working...yay lease line to Singapore.

Lunch was great today, we went to Chinese Food Plaza, where their motto is "When want Chinese food china far away so this your best choice" kinda makes it easier to understand how to pronounce words like not-so-fluent in english chinese folks, unlike my good friend Victor Lun (yes that is real name and yes he knows what it means and it just so happens that chinese folks call it the same thing) so the jokes old....laff it off already you putz!

I would like to take a moment to describe my work place, a very interesting and dynamic environment where every single ring tone under the sun is constantly going off. The funny thing about the telecom industry is that everyone's on their phone...constantly.
My dad always used to throw a fit cause I was always on the phone. He would say stuff like you will get cancer in your brain and you will kill off brain cells with the radio waves from the cell and so forth. I managed to finish high school, college and get a job and still I don't feel much stupider...considering how much I did smoke in college *here's to you Ali, Shamik, Deniz, Yusef, Tim, Sam, Haverty and anyone else who was even remotely involved in my vice-full life! I do, however, feel quite stew-pid when I’m sitting around some folks here. I never thought how stimulating intellect would ever be, especially ME of all people. I mean, I was always a mediocre student so one would never anticipate a brain picking session with me, but to my surprise...I am a pretty globally conscientious guy and always willing to engage in a chit chat about all kinds of shit.

Anyway, here is another buncha's almost time for this little pakisteezy (props Hav-a-man) to sign off and beat it!

When things got hectic...these kids would get drunk and do silly nekkid type things, I am not accountable:

Actually, I'm just gonna HELLO the pics on the blog...ciao

Reflections - A peek in to your own future?

There are those moments we all endure, whether brief or elongated, when we see someone of our own bloodline do something, behave a certain way or even say a word that reminds you of yourself. Then there are times where you see someone do those things who are well into their life and that become a sort of hint...could this be a peek in to your future?

Yesterday there was an incident in which my dad got a little riled up and proceeded to get quite upset and as his temper began to rise and his body started trembling, it occurred to me that in this day and age, I am like that too...not a coincidence since he is my father, but it is a bit shocking to see that comparison and realize who certain characteristics of yours are linked with.

I think we are genetically very interesting as people, always trying to compare who we look like, who we walk, talk, eat, shit, sleep like. Why does it even matter? Because when a parent looks at their child, they feel a sense of their identity beyond them which will be a peek in to their (the parents) own future, an extension of their life. When the child resembles something like a facial feature, the parents begin competing with one another, in a sort of innocent manner. As children of nature, we are all very primitive in our ways, the small things that we do like wearing clothes, mannerisms; etiquette, etc. are really just formalities. It gives humans the satisfaction of thinking they are above the other animals, but in fact, we cannot compare as we are just different. Apples and oranges I say Watson!

If we really are superior, then we wouldn't be afraid of a lion in a one on one? Truth be told, having the ability to hold a gun, knife or any other sort of weapon for defense is the advancement that separates us, but I think its utter bullshit. If you compare any thing, they should be at the most primitive level. Bare hands, something a characteristic can be compared at, don't you agree?

Anyway, I just think that instead of challenging the weaker races, we should either kill em off and stop complaining like 5th graders, "waaaaahh he pulled my hair" or "she kicked my balls", or find a way to just f&*%#n get along without these pretentious excuses of segregation and labeling. I mean, wtf is that anyway, ethnic minority? I think Africans, Indians, Chinese and Arabs are ethnic majorities as opposed to minorities, at least on a global level. I believe that countries practicing racial segregation, to any degree (even ours) are quite pathetic to the effect that they think life, as short as it really is, becomes a superiority race.

Don't get me wrong, nothing wrong with a little competition to raise the bar, but tree hugging is just way too much on the other extreme. I think the way of the hippy is the best. Some Mary Jane, Hedonism resorts and lots of free time is what we should all spend our lives indulging in.

Snap! I gotta go, boss is calling me....I will make manager one day and until that day, I will work work work! :-/

To refresh your minds, here is T-I-Guh-Guh- Er sqauttin then chillin as an infant:

Step 1: The Oh shit! It's full frontal nudity stage

Step 2: The Aerial Embarassment Stage

Step 3: The Let's dig it up and try again stage

Step 4: The Relax in the hazy apartment mode

Hope you like em - guy on the right is Yusef

Monday, July 25, 2005

The weekend has passed

Wow...what a weekend. I think that if one was to endure the three days that just passed on a regular basis, they wouldn't last a year without a heart attack. This much excitement, happiness, sadness, all that shit just packed into a can of nuts waiting to spring on you is just quite a bit.

Had lunch with Soph, my mom and sis at Pappasalis and saw Soph's cousin working there. Shocked both of us cause he didn't seem the type, but he is one hell of a chef! He's off to the west to get an edumacation so I guess he’s trying to squeeze in some hours of internship work before takin off to the wild wild west.

What else is up, oh...the month is almost over and believe it or not, my experimental budget allowance for July was OVERESTIMATED! I actually spent, or rather need to spend about 1200-1500 less each month, which is pretty sweet cause that can get tossed in to something else. At this rate, saving some cash is going to be a cake-walk. I think I want some vanilla frosting on top.

Some other stuff has been happening and I won't go in to two of them, one being the BIG IDEA and the other involves a shiny thing. On another note, however, one of my buddies had a little tussle with a side-curb and messed up his ride quite a bit. Doesn't show as much as it really is damaged, but there is a lesson in everything so I hope the both of us can gain from it, more him than me though. He's a great kid, but this was one of those things that were bound to happen, especially when it was least expected...or was it?

Ahh and Sunday's can be one helluva relaxation day. I try to spend the day with my father, but he decided to take an afternoon nap after I spent lunch time indulging in BBC Food (love cooking) and the recipes were literally all butters and creams and sugars and so forth. I mean shit, one wants to eat, but one also would like to be somewhat cautious of what goes in cause it don't always come out. This is what happens when you lose the weight I did and realize how important it is to do so, maintaining the change simultaneously without going back to chubs 'r' us.

Finally, I decided...fuck it...I'll cook today. So I did and aside from some criticism that my sister and dad and Soph gave me, I make one hell of a tasty Bolognese sauce and some noodles that just don't get any better than mine. I may not be that good, but if you tell yourself that you are in the kitchen, you are SUPERCOOK! In any case, it was great, my bro had three helpings and dad had just enough to fill the stomach of an infant cat (afraid he would have a messed up tummy for lunch the next day - old friend / colleague from the Air force asked him to come up to a place called Khanispur past Murree to have lunch) and he has a blood pressure issue and the location we are going to is about 5k meters up and he hasn't been up that high since the Air force days. God speed to us all I say! I just hope to God he doesn't decide to drive cause I will have a panic attack in the car -- he still thinks he's in the cockpit of an F-86 Sabre and there are no roads, just lot's and lot's of space for miles n miles.

Anyway, just wish me and my family the best of luck cause things might just get a little rough.
Check this out -- Mu-mu's cat - Scotch.

More later...

Friday, July 22, 2005

Constantly thinking...

Here's an update on whats photographically new:

Today is a very interesting day as I have come up with an idea that has blown my mind! I will not disclose any details for the simple fact that its THAT BIG! Don't bother asking me cause I am not going to say anything, so purleez respect that.

Anyway, just had lunch with my family at Pappasalis. My have they improved. Tried their Vietnamese Chicken and that certainly hit the right spot on my palette. Nice 'n' spicy with red peppers, it is a chunky brown/glazed chicken dish on a small bed of angel hair pasta (noodles were a bit too thick to be angel hair but that's what they say they are). Just the right serving if you are in the mood for something small, but tasty! hmm hmm!

On another note, I spoke to my friend Suzanne today who moved to New Dehli (India) last november from New York City. She seems to be happy in ND. Called her up and heard her voice after almost a year. She still has the same laugh, which is always nice to hear.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lolliwood sholliwood...who cares?

Here's another oldy...

Although I am not as bitter as Deowl about the whole media outlook, but then again it is simply because I am on the outside, being fed the manure that they (media folk) fertilize our minds with. As sad as it is, we ourselves are to blame for this because, with our qualms about the tools available to us, we choose to ignore the real issues because it is easier. The few who are sincerely dedicated to exposing the truth get silenced by those who would be affected by the truth the most.

I wonder, does the concept of investigative journalism even live in what we believe to be a democratic system? The United States, for example, is the "world leader for democracy" and so they would be the ideal standard for democractic comparisons. I spent five years in the states studying Economics and International Relations. Econ on the side, IR was actually a passion I developed in my last year of college (fortunately left with enough time to actually complete the major). Studying IR, I learnt a lot about the world, foreign policies and so forth, but there was one talent I acquired along the way was to question everything I ordered, be skeptical about the information I was fed and to chew thoroughly before I swallow.

Coming back to Pakistan just a few weeks ago, I was reminded about the skewed media when I was driving towards the Government buildings in Islamabad and came across the guys on the roadside selling their newspapers. Now, they don't know, care or care to care about anything and everything written on the papers they sell, they just keep a commission to survive. Interestingly enough, that is the dilemma with which the printing press thrives. Some poor, low income fool is selling information to people who need their daily gossip read, while the people who own the newspaper enjoy their 7 series bmw's at the cost of someone else's lives. The commission that the poor folks keep is less than half of what they earn from selling the damn papers. Just like the fucking politicians who lie through their naswar infected mouths about giving the villages clean, running water, access to major roads, better education, thriving work opportunities, the big guns running the media don't care cause they are in search of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, in the process it don't matter what it takes to make a quick buck. While the rest of us seek the truth at the end of the rainbow, our rainbow gets harder and harder to reach the end of simply cause of the number of growing obstacles.

For the longest time I wanted to become a journalist in Pakistan, but I thought how would I get into that where I would not have to sacrifice my integrity, values and most of all my hunger for kicking ass. Even momentarily, if you sell out, it is not one's own fault as long as they did everything to avoid it without suffering too much. Now I am just rambling like an experimental monkey, but to put it down simply, I truly believe that the bureaucratic system in Pakistan is far too difficult to get around in order to survive. If you change the status quo or even make an effort to, you will get shutdown and then your career will suffer and perhaps any opportunity you might have had to make it will be delayed even more. It's a dog eat dog world and Pakistan is a definitive example. If this made no sense to anyone, its my fault, not yours, so don't go blaming yourself for being incapable of understanding my daily ramble.

Something needs to go terribly wrong with the bloodsuckers in the system...Something like a revolution...I'm not giving anyone ideas...Just saying...Maybe there should be one...

Drowning Diety

This is an old post during the tsunami tragedy in South East Asia this past winter. I had originally posted it on Desi Media Bitch on Monday, December 27, 2004, but since that was a while ago, I thought I would bring the dead to life again. This piece was a bit extreme and got quite a few comments (positive as well as negative), but without taking a risk and touching taboo close up, we will never know what makes society tick...enjoy. The comments are on their way too.

Recent updates show some 10,000+ people have been confirmed to have died with the recent tragedy in South East Asia. Over 1,000,000 people have been displaced and will probably have to wait for a very long time before any salvage may be given to them. I never understood the gravity of the situation until today when I was watching the news and saw some of the damage done in different parts of Indonesia, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Sumatra and the other affected countries. Forget the number of people who have been affected, just for a moment, think about the size of this catastrophy that hit from under the water, a shift in the tectonic plates which we had no warning of, destroyed billions of dollars worth in more than half a dozen countries. Where is the faith that people seek at times like this? The faith that gives them direction, focus, strength, guidance and a feeling of security that they are being watched over.

To go back a bit, I would like to provide some insight on a personal approach to religion and faith just for a moment so people have a better understanding of where I am coming from. I have lived in a Muslim social environment for all my life, except the few years I was in the states. I have always followed the Islamic way of life (with moderation of course) as best I knew how. I prayed on fridays with all my friends, fasted during Ramzan, respected the sayings of the holy text and so forth. Recently, about a few months ago, I had a vision. It was more of a day dream, but calling it a vision gives it more veracity. I realized that I claim to be a Muslim, but while indulging in alcohol, marijuana, sex and all kinds of other sinful things that are forbidden. I was the Islamic Student Association's President for about 2 years, I organized and took part in numerous events that helped bring many different diverse organizations together to celebrate the ability for us to share a meal together, to sit together, to live in a common environment, without any unreasonable restriction. I became ashamed of myself when I had my vision, I realized that I was pretending to be someone, live a certain way while maintaining another kind of life on the side. Split between the two I decided that I would follow one and then when I felt I could genuinely dedicate myself, I would revert to the one I believe I should allow to guide me.

Sorry, I got momentarily sidetracked watching CNN. 21,900 people believed to be dead from tsunami damage. I want to know, where is God now. Not for me, but for all the people who have died, who were ready to give their lives to protect their loved ones from any harm by dedicating themselves to their God's word. Whether Hindu, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Jainist, Athiest, Agnostic or what have you, everyone inclusive suffered and not by choice I am sure. This is my blasphemy of the day. I don't believe it is fair for me to be dishonest to myself by pretending to have faith in something I don't really have faith in. Truthfully, I don't feel comfortable giving my faith to a being that I don't believe truly exists. I feel more comfortable holding myself responsible for things I do, whether right or wrong. The God I left has left those who had nothing except their faith. If one was to take a ballpark guess, I would say most of the affected were already low income or suffering from poverty. When you are so poor and you leave your faith in an entity that you strive to believe in without even being able to see it/him/her, you are more devout to your faith than the mullahs who profit from other peoples faith and greviences and faith in them to deliver God's message.

I am just upset about the wasteful death that these people have endured, unwillingly, undeservingly and most of all unfortunately lost in vain. There was no greater cause here, no sacrifice to save a bigger cause, definately no honor being defended, just a change in mother nature's mood. If I have stepped on someone's toes with this anti-religious stuff, well I do beg your pardon, but this is my belief and I don't believe in being a half assed pretentious fake follower of a faith that has not yet grabbed me in the middle of the night with a face full of sweat and fear, making me tremble and driving me to ask God for strength. Until that day, I will strive to find some faith but enjoy my life simultaneously. I do hope that those who were fortunate enough to live after the carnage, that they find salvation in this lifetime and a way to move on, having lost a loved one or many...

Old Posts

For sometime, to bring back some of yesterday, I will be occasionally adding old posts from "Gupshup". Just the ones that had some signifance, took effort or just cause I want to and can add.


The demise of a great man

Sitting here at my desk, I was just finishing up a report for my boss and thinking to myself that I have one hell of a project ahead of me involving restructuring of my department and assigning new responsibilities to my team.

Barely expecting a call from my father at 10 a.m. on any day, especially today, I got the feeling something was wrong as he would normally wait until after 11 am to call since that is when his day begins. Having said our greetings, he then proceeded to tell me news that has made me brittle to the core about a wonderful man I got to know in New York City named Anwar Fancy. Uncle Anwar, a man of great health and sheer determination to rebuild his collapsed empire, was a man who gave a person such as myself the time of day during a very trying period when I was fresh out of college and desperate to find a suitable job in New York.

He passed away last night in New York. As it began to dawn on me the fact that he was no more, a collection of memories started rushing through my mind. We got to know each other quite well, mostly through telephone conversations and I began feeling an unbelievable and overwhelming weight of emotions I did not think existed. Simply because this man guided me and helped me by introducing me to his friends and acquaintances in the NYC area, he touched me in ways that have no come out after neglecting and taking for granted that a person like that would be an angel on earth sent by God to be a bright light when nothing was visible.

The manner with which this man became a source of inspiration and motivation for me, I sometimes think about why he would even bother. He was a busy man who was constantly reinventing his business. To give me the time of day he did, I am very grateful and hope he knows his effort did not go in vain.

I hope that his family is provided with the strength, ability and will to accept this tremendous loss. He truly was a gentleman and a soldier. Although many have tried, he was amongst the few that succeeded. May he be given a place of peace wherever he may be to look down upon and guide souls he once touched in this life.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Oh what a night!

You guys remember that song? One of those funny songs no one knows the second half of the chorus to but still has that catchy ring to it. Good times >_<

So my sister had a little shindig at the haider mansion yesterday. I do believe she had a fair number of people show up. First time we used our patio out front since it has been converted from a potentially beautiful lawn into a red-tiled flat land. At first I was against the whole thing, but then my father's ability to overrule any disagreement I have was enacted - the local veto if you will. Now that it's all done, it doesn't look half bad and truth be told, we can now use the damn spot of land for something other than water sucking grass that refused to grow.

Anyway, getting back to my sister's thingy. It was pretty nice. We enjoyed some wine, relaxed and sat in the humid evening air with some funky digital fans my dad got. He is so tech savvy sometimes it scares me. The food was fantastic, my cook out did himself, although I do believe he has reason to as my dad is trying out new cooks too so our existing guy certainly has some burden of employment worries on his shoulders.

Asif came by with a friend of his. Haven't seen him in sometime so he was nice to have around. Always a chilled out time with him, not having to worry about what to say or do etc.

On another note, I think I need to start running again. I have gotten pretty lazy and I need to start waking up!

I'm bored...entertain me

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Day 2

Still picking up the pieces and and I'm two posts along the way to victory! So I'm thinking today, what should this post contain that is so worth reading. One always wonders if what they mumble on about is even something worth the read for others, as others may wonder if reading a post is going to be worth their while. Interestingly enough, or perhaps not, that is how we primative people are.

One is always afraid of making a post too long, others are afraid of reading a post too long...yet we end up doing what we fear most at the moment. Why is that? I think its because we are curious, others might have a different justification for it but i think it is really quite simple. We CANNOT bear the unknown. Hiding behind a curtain of answers is where we don't want to be. The suspence, however, is only built up by our desire to lack the knowledge of everything...otherwise it wouldn't be fun, now would it?! By "it" I mean LIFE...that thing we all have in common, other than the satisfaction of DEATH. Sorry, this is getting a wee bit morbid.

Anyway, I have had some interesting eye-openers kinda bitch slap me in the face since I have been back and I think I have an idea why. I am not going to go in to them, but I will say that they have helped me remember what it is that brought me back to the muthaland!

I think I need to go do what I am employed to so till the next post...ciao

Monday, July 18, 2005

The start of something new

So here we are at a new turn in life....aahh kinda feels nice to let go of the old and make room for the new. I just happen to be a junk collector and hate losing stuff. I am the kind of person who likes to accumulate utter crap, thinking one day I might just need it.

Time has come to move on from that stage and start anew. A fresh and clean slate if you will. I got a job, got a life, got a girl, got a car...all I need to do now is find a way to get a piece of mind. I have it, just gotta find it.

Anyway, so I made the introduction. Some of you might remember the blog I used to have, well that time has gone cause the hosting company decided to screw me over and cut my hosting short...I lost all my blog files in the process and I am not about to rewrite everything. You get the idea about cutting old strings. Along with that I had an external hard drive with a ton of music...some 40 gigs and a lot of other stuff. The point being I am still alive and after some 6 months I have decided its time to start blogging again. This time on a more reliable site, or so I am lead to believe.

To fill in the gap between my last post and now will take more than a blog. So much has happened, emotionally, physically, mentally and so forth. But I will make an effort to cover as much as possible here as I can, the rest will just have to find a way to weasel its way in to your minds eventually.

For starters, I am working and have been since Feb. I am the Senior Project Coordinator at Nortel Networks, Islamabad PK. I started as a project coordinator for the project director...that was pretty boring but things picked up when I got promoted a few weeks ago. My pay grade is according to pk standards so it’s not so good when I convert it in USD, but its pretty damn good for here so I am certainly very happy. My job covers a variety of things. Ill post my resume up at some point so you can all see what it’s all about. Always good to have an excuse to market oneself, even when in the market cause no offer is ever too good.

I am not going to go in to details cause it’s almost time to head home for the day, but ill drop a couple more additions to fill ya'll in. First off, I met a girl...she is more like a dream, but in physical form she is definitely the likes of a girl...a woman rather. What a woman this dream is. You know, when someone walks in to your life, you think of any possible way that person can alter the way you are, your personality, your character. And then you become defensive and ward off any change because no one likes change no matter who the initiator may be. She didn’t change me, I changed myself...physically. I lost 20 kg and haven't felt this good about myself ever! The difference here is that she initiated what I always wanted to, but became the source of inspiration rather than the reason.

More to come later then...

So with that I wish you all a warm welcome and bid you adieu for now...

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